spoil (one) rotten

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spoil (one) rotten

To cause one to expect to receive everything they want by always giving it to them. In this phrase, "rotten" is an intensifier. I think some grandparents believe it's their duty to spoil their grandchildren rotten.
See also: rotten, spoil

spoiled rotten

Fig. indulged in; greatly spoiled. This kid is spoiled rotten! I was spoiled rotten when I was a child, so I'm used to this kind of wasteful luxury.
See also: rotten, spoil

spoil somebody ˈrotten

(informal) give somebody everything they want or ask for: She spoils the kids rotten.
See also: rotten, somebody, spoil
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Relish each sun kissed day at Discovery Shores Boracay's stunning beachfront with its white sand dunes and crystalline turquoise waters while beach butlers spoil you rotten and anticipate your needs to the detail, with unobtrusive service and immediate attention.
However, Abhimanyu and his team Hari Singh Rathore, Tej Singh and Jitender, all make it a point to spoil you rotten.
New gadgets and technology will also spoil you rotten, making you feel just a wee bit special.
If you find you'll be spending Christmas in hospital always look on the bright side - the nurses there will spoil you rotten.