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A split ticket for the same journey on the same date would see rail users paying PS29 from Cardiff Central to Crewe and PS40 from Crewe to Edinburgh, a total journey cost of PS69 and a difference of PS101.
ALEX McLeish has backed the SFA's decision to split tickets for Saturday's Scottish Cup final 50 50 between the two clubs.
The system also automates all ticketing including electronic tickets, split tickets, paper ticketing, automated FedEx tracking number assignment, and electronic document distribution;
Some passengers are buying two split tickets and saving up to pounds 2,000 a year.
It's not surprising then that you won't find split tickets being sold or even mentioned on National Rail or any of the main train company websites," a spokesman said.
Split tickets, not the journey NOW it's time to really rip up the rule book if you want to make some really big savings.
Restaurants industry users can design their own touch-enabled menu through SpotSync Checkout and add the additional features of table seating, tips, split tickets and more.
Passengers will especially welcome the commitment that the change will not mean that rail fares will go up but rather that end-to-end fares will be lower than buying split tickets.
As parties operate in such a political climate, the electorate is less likely to vote split tickets and that fact alone accentuates the impact of variations of turnout from one election to the next)
The closest they came to preferencing the Liberals was printing split tickets, advising supporters to decide which of the major parties they wanted to vote for after giving their first preference to the Greens.