splinter off

splinter off (of) (something)

 and splinter off (from something)
[for a bit of something] to tear off or separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) A piece of wood splintered off of the oar and dropped into the water. A tiny bit splintered off and stuck in my hand.
See also: off, splinter
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It can actually bring people together or it can allow people to splinter off into other groups.
Baghdadi, whose real name is Ibrahim al-Samarrai, is responsible for turning ISIS into a formidable force in northern Iraq and parts of Syria after helping the group splinter off from al Qaeda.
Most hardline circles among the group in Syria have begun to splinter off, he noted.
For now, Rutledge is looking to bring OTT services into the cable bundle, rather than splinter off its own untethered video product.
This will be the third party to splinter off from the BSP, after government ally ABV of ex-President Georgi Parvanov and Movement 21 of Tatyana Doncheva.
The action intensifies in The Elf Wars as the elf factions splinter off to ally with Santa and his North-Pole guardians, or join the rebellious Rudolph.
We circle a much smaller roundabout, unsure which exit to take, we become more straggled, and eventually we splinter off with different groups going in various directions.
Sea-spray sonics and unearthly keyboard squiggles splinter off into endless directions, sometimes finding their way around impossibly cylindrical basslines.
Disappointment, then, for the Cardiff docksman who asked Scott to bring back a splinter off the Pole.
There has been speculation that some workers unions will splinter off from the G.
The tolerance is there, while a wood like pine would splinter off if you tried that.
The panel will meet every month and it is expected members will splinter off into sub-groups, depending on their expertise, before reporting back to the Bishop of Liverpool, who is heading the group.
In addition, AAAI has seen several groups splinter off, partly because of international affilation concerns.
This got to be so big that we decided to splinter off and do double good by finding something else to do on our own.
Whenever the action threatens to lag - or the creators lose interest in the through-line - things splinter off into an unrelated tangent.