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splinter off (of) (something)

 and splinter off (from something)
[for a bit of something] to tear off or separate from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) A piece of wood splintered off of the oar and dropped into the water. A tiny bit splintered off and stuck in my hand.
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splinter group

A part of an organization that breaks away from the main body, usually owing to disagreement. For example, Perot's supporters at first constituted a splinter group but soon formed a third political party . This idiom alludes to the noun splinter, a fragment of wood or some other material that is split or broken off. [Mid-1900s]
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Lee said the splinter extended to the area where tennis courts and playfields, not buildings, are planned.
NASDAQ: ACLS) announced today that Patrick Splinter has been named an Axcelis Fellow, the highest technical award and accolade within the company.
Scrap and rebuilt from th ground up at least anticipation for the stealth-action adve of special ops cell S Fisher has hit feve who wait, Splinter most accessible ent high in the list of m Fisher, seeking t relies on hiding in feels far more dy into cover, spyin guards and gen takes as much urgency to th Mark and instantly k hand kills like a genu where Fish jumped stra It is all lavis white and colour v hero as he shimmy Conviction offers one of the most tho a prologue which s the 15 or so hours Next awards sea the shadows when Fisher, seeking the truth behind his daughter's death, still relies on hiding in the shadows to beat foes.
A 26-YEAR-OLD man who died after being pushed over a wall into a bush and getting a wooden splinter in his eye, suffered a brain haemorrhage, police said last night.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- "Hit That," the first single from The Offspring's seventh album, Splinter, has reached the #1 spot on this week's Modern Rock Tracks chart after 12 weeks at radio.
I want to say: If you get a big splinter in your finger and it is causing unbearable pain, do you remove the splinter or cut off your finger?
George's strong leadership and industry experience, as well as his corporate finance and business development acumen, make him an excellent choice to be Applied's new CFO," said Mike Splinter, president and CEO.
LIVERPOOL-BASED Splinter Design's Jon Raffe was voted Best New Talent at the Big Chip Awards 2005 held at New Century Hall in Manchester.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Anark(R) Corporation today announced that AnarkDigital, a division of Anark specializing in the development of broadcast-quality interactive media, has created an immersive, 3D preview site showcasing Ubisoft's newest game venture, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell(R) Pandora Tomorrow(TM).
The solar industry has reached the inflection point that Applied Materials has been waiting for, as solar customers seek economies of scale with suppliers who can better meet their needs for global support and who can provide advanced systems that meet technology, throughput, quality and yield goals," said Mike Splinter, president and CEO.
He works for Splinter, a multi award-winning company in Liverpool city centre which provides design communication solutions for clients all over the country, both in print and new media.
Splinter to complement the Company's already solid Board of Directors.
But there were unconfirmed reports that a Roman Catholic splinter group calling itself the Real IRA had claimed responsibility.
AMAT's Chief Executive Mike Splinter confirmed investor's fears by stating (in a conference call) that the firm's orders and sales will come in flat during the fiscal fourth quarter.
In a gaming revolution, members of the public will be able to try out Splinter Cell Chaos TheoryTM for themselves via PS2 consoles mounted on the backs of the operatives