splice together

splice something together

to connect things together, usually by twisting or tying a joint between the two. I spent over an hour splicing the two ends of the ropes together, and it didn't hold for even a minute. He carefully spliced together the two ropes.
See also: splice, together
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Tonight they're in 1588, and find themselves as servants: party girl Meg Mathews has to wash clothes in urine (not her own), while Corrie's Charlie Condou and presenter Fern Britton have to splice together a goose and a pig to make the Frankenstein's monster-like cockantrice, a prized delicacy of the times.
Inarritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, who deservedly won an Oscar for sci-fi thriller Gravity, meticulously splice together each interlude to resemble a single, unbroken 119-minute shot.
That would be the time to splice together some hanging strands.
Saleh, a freshman at the University of Tennessee, explained how certain words were particularly difficult, such as "lafreak" and "wiggle," for which he had to splice together two different words.
Splice together twisted sci- horror with sexual psychodrama and you've got a beast of a movie that's wickedly refreshing and surprisingly creepy.
It can splice together multiple optical fibers simultaneously and at a much lower cost.
He packed more pizzazz into one 45-minute news conference than his predecessor, Karl Dorrell, who couldn't splice together such a run if he used five years' worth of news conferences.
Whether creating an elegant state-of-the-art wireless infrastructure system for the 36-story Hearst Tower, or clamoring to complete the Deutsche Bank data center system shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks, Peter Babigian, PE, RCDD principal of WB Engineers, has learned how to splice together his penchant for design and technical skills to secure high profile projects.
Here, we splice together other stars' foxy features to create the world's most eye-catching couple.
In the coming version of Photoshop, users will be able to stack up a series of group shots against each other and quickly splice together the photos that contain each subject's most flattering facial expression.
From Figueiroa she inherited a respect for individuality, musicality, and an ability to splice together different kinds of movement.
Among numerous findings, Leech concludes that friction between strands in an admiralty splice prevents sawlike interstrand motions and holds the splice together.
Cells may remove and splice together different segments of RNA from the same gene, resulting in alternatively spliced gene products.
It is the plasticity of that medium which enabled Sonic Youth to transform their audience's noise into a piece of music, just as it enabled Schaeffer, the pioneer of musique concrete, to splice together the sounds of his "Cinq etudes de bruits" (Five studies of noises; 1948) and spurred the creation of the first electronic-music studio, in 1951, at West German Radio (WDR) in Cologne.
It was only after Jonathan had wiped off the last traces of make-up could the editing team splice together the comedy clips to finish the Scottish Mirror's latest commercials.