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bent on a splice

An older sailing phrase meaning about to or intending to get married. "Bent" in this context means determined or set (on a course of action), and "splice" refers to two ropes that have been joined to create a single, larger one. I can't wait for this voyage to be over, for I'm bent on a splice to my lady as soon as we reach home.
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splice the mainbrace

nautical To issue and partake in an extra ration of alcoholic spirits, especially rum or grog, amongst members of crew aboard a sea vessel. (The mainbrace, also spelled "main brace," is a brace attached to the main yard on sailing ships. "Splicing the mainbrace" was originally the very difficult job of repairing this brace, one which earned the repairman an extra ration of spirits; eventually, this euphemistic secondary meaning became the primary one.) As part of the celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee, the Queen gave the order to all in the Royal Navy to splice the mainbrace as a gesture of good cheer.
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splice something (in)to something

to connect something to something; to cut and join something into something to connect the two. The workers spliced the small wires into the main cable. Let's splice this rope into the larger one at the halfway point.
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splice something together

to connect things together, usually by twisting or tying a joint between the two. I spent over an hour splicing the two ends of the ropes together, and it didn't hold for even a minute. He carefully spliced together the two ropes.
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splice the main brace

1 (in the Royal Navy) serve out an extra tot of rum. 2 serve out or start to consume alcoholic drinks. British informal
A sailing ship's main brace is a rope attached to its main spar. Splicing it (making a connection in it by interweaving strands) would have been a particularly onerous task, and the phrase probably arose from the custom of awarding sailors who did it an extra ration of rum.
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get ˈspliced

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) get married
The basic meaning of splice is to join the ends of two pieces of rope together.
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