spit (out) the dummy

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spit (out) the dummy

To have a childish overreaction or angry outburst to a negative situation or outcome; to act in a bad-tempered manner, likened to a temper tantrum of a child. "Dummy" here refers to a plastic teat used to soothe teething infants (also called a "pacifier" in the U.S. or a "soother" elsewhere), which they may spit when in the middle of a tantrum. Primarily heard in Australia. John spat the dummy when I told him I'd sold his old comic book collection. Don't go spitting out the dummy just because Cheryl got the promotion instead of you.
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spit the dummy


spit out the dummy

If you accuse someone of spitting the dummy or spitting out the dummy, you are accusing them of behaving in a bad-tempered and childish way. He spat the dummy when his wife decided to go back to work. They are taking the money but not talking to us. If they want to spit out the dummy, that's their affair. Note: The image here is of a bad-tempered baby spitting out its dummy.
See also: dummy, spit

spit (out) the dummy

behave in a petulant way. Australian informal
See also: dummy, spit
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REFERENCE letters May 4 from a lady in Bedlington - once again the South East area of Northumberland is spitting the dummy over the proposed location of a new county hall.
Stop spitting the dummy out and accept what the majority of the country voted for.
Stevie could have lifted the phone if he was annoyed instead of spitting the dummy.
Holywell is the obvious one on his second to Un Temps Pour Tout, but he's proved he's capable of spitting the dummy on numerous occasions, while Ballynagour doesn't tick all the National boxes either.
As for the threat of spitting the dummy out, get a grip.
The former Manchester United star himself rejected the idea that he was spitting the dummy at losing out to Andres Iniesta for the Best Player in Europe award last week.
If you are not performing or you start spitting the dummy out you will not be playing so there is no point doing that.
And he may well be spitting the dummy himself when he realises the family life he's missing out on.
I hope you're not spitting the dummy out because Mike Ashley won't talk to you.
After spitting the dummy, Neil Lennon watched the game from the stand.
All the dribbling, the baby-oil, the spitting the dummy out - and now they have a baby to contend with too.
I've not seen many people spitting the dummy if they've not being played because their ego is too big.
SPITTING THE DUMMY Ronaldo threw a childish tantrum after Portugal's World Cup exit.
But the way the team is playing I can't go shouting from the rooftops or spitting the dummy - that's not the way to do it.