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The envoy allegedly spitted out the insult directly to the delegation of the South Sudanese government while in a heated argument with them in Addis Ababa on ceasefire modalities in the IGAD-mediated peace talks.
17 was "pro-Israel," spitted out to describe the Hizmet movement as noted in the 2009 plan.
However, the seeds are supposed to be spitted out, as they contain a substance called amygdalin, which can release a small amount of hydrogen cyanide when digested.
MS-parameters: ESI (in alternating mode): LC flow spitted 1:5; spray voltage 4.
At] a signal from the men presiding over this macabre parody of a court, each prisoner was spitted in turn.
She also knocked off his turban and spitted on his face before walking off.
So think before spending money on something that would be spitted out.
The enemy questioned Ali, who replied: "In the beginning I wanted to kill you for God's sake; but, after you spitted on me, I wanted to kill you solely for my sake and that is not permissible in Islam.
Because of the large number of posters, the chemistry poster sessions were spitted into two sessions.