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From the two subfigures, it can be seen that the desired HPBW regions have been spitted into small lobes when using M1, and these small lobes consist of a newly formed main lobe and serval symmetrical side lobes.
In present study it was observed that the adult male Chimp became more aggressive in the presence of visitors and started beating doors, fences and spitted frequently.
So think before spending money on something that would be spitted out.
The enemy questioned Ali, who replied: "In the beginning I wanted to kill you for God's sake; but, after you spitted on me, I wanted to kill you solely for my sake and that is not permissible in Islam.
Pyndan Camel Tracks hooks us up with a gentle camel named Anna, who loves to have her head scratched and isn't a spitted We ride her along the majestic West MacDonnell Mountain Range while occasionally spotting a wild kangaroo.
Because of the large number of posters, the chemistry poster sessions were spitted into two sessions.
20:187-88) [The very first thing Sancho saw was a young bull, spitted on the trunk of an elm tree, and in the fire where it was to be roasted a small mountain of wood was already burning; the six kettle pots set around the bonfire weren't the usual sort, but six huge wine jars, each one big enough to hold a wholesale meat market: you could easily have shoved a whole sheep into any one of them and hidden it from view like a pigeon.
Spittle is spitted out into the eye in cases of excessive lacrimation.
After the spitted verses comes a big warm chorus: "we are not alone in this cold town".
They spitted on us and hit us with sandals," Anil further alleged.
He also spitted at them and insulted Zamalek's technical staff members, including my brother (Hossam Hassan).
But this is not to imply that the Giant is some kind of unfortunate animal-victim of Arthur's aggression, for earlier in the description of the Giant we are told that his gastronomical preferences lean towards 'Bernes and bestail broched togeders' [men and beasts spitted together] (1050, emphasis added).
In the explicit algorithm, the momentum conservation Eqs, la and lb; can be spitted into two fractional steps: (1) solution for the viscous diffusion and (2) the maintaining of incompressibility conditions.
WAIT wait in your alternate/alternate spaces spitted on fish hooks of hope [.