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spin (one) a line

To tell a lie or only part of the truth in order to convince someone of something or to avoid the consequences of something. Don't you dare spin me a line about being at the library. I want to know exactly where you were tonight.
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spin in (one's) grave

To (hypothetically) show enormous anger, disfavor, or regret for someone's actions or something that happens after one has died. That is, if someone were still alive, he or she would be greatly upset, angered, or disgusted by what has happened. I can't believe you're using our employees' pension payments to prop up a Ponzi scheme. The founder of this once-great company would be spinning in his grave to see its directors stoop so low. Your poor mother would spin in her grave if she heard the horrible things you were saying about your sister. I can't believe you wrecked your grandfather's prized truck. That's enough to make him spin in his grave!
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keep all the plates spinning

If you keep all the plates spinning you deal successfully with several things at once. I like doing different things, keeping all the plates spinning at the same time. Note: This expression is used in many other structures connected with managing to do several things at once. He already has enough plates spinning — consultancies, newspaper columns, not to mention four restaurants — to keep him in London. When you have to keep as many plates spinning as she does, you know something is sometimes going to crash. Note: This expression comes from the idea of the circus act where a large number of plates are kept spinning on tall sticks.
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This Pike Research report analyzes the global market for spinning reserves and forecasts the amount and revenue associated with this rapidly changing market using a scenario-based forecast.
The X-ray power could be a sign that magnetic fields extend outward from the hole and thread around the spinning accretion disk.
On the other hand, Ring Spinning Systems have been refined during the last 30 years, the ultimate objectives of spinning dialectologists are focussed on higher production speed, combined with adequate quality.
While carnies set up thrill rides and farmers carted goods ranging from giant sunflowers to exotic pumpkins, Pinkston explained the timeless art of spinning and weaving.
Withdrawal of these workers from spinning was to be offset by mechanizing flax spinning, at least the coarse grades of yarn.
Wagner's team has worked out a method to align the fiber during spinning to create a network that has a more regular structure g than the typical crisscrossed mat does.
Wood-N-Ewe, a store dedicated to spinning and weaving, holds a spin-in once a month for those who want to perfect their skill at turning wool to yarn the old-fashioned way.
I like to keep a variety of fitness activities going, so I wanted to try Spinning,'' she said.
Manufacturers have redistributed the weight across the disks and have practically banned friction between the yo-yo's spinning axle and the string.
Held at the Chicago O'Hare Marriott Hotel, June 1-4, 2000, the World Spinning and Sports Conference will offer participants a unique opportunity to hone their Spinning skills and learn cutting-edge indoor cycling techniques with the creator of Spinning himself -- world renowned fitness expert Johnny G -- and Mad Dogg Athletics' team of Spinning Master Presenters.
Between the perfectly spinning toss and the flat toss lies a continuum of other possibilities, in which the coin spins around a tilted axis, precessing like an old-fashioned children's top.
Sponsored by Price Waterhouse and IBC, an international conferencing corporation, the two day program will bring together many of the country's most experienced corporate executives in spin-offs, who will discuss strategic advantages of and vehicles for spinning off corporate assets.
Something like the spinning of a top, spin gives the electron magnetic properties, such as those of an infinitesimally small bar magnet, but with strange quantum properties.
The theory could also explain why slow-spinning pulsars are commonly found to have partners while many older, more rapidly spinning pulsars do not.
Depending on their mood or style preference, customers can opt to have spinning or non-spinning wheels with a few simple steps.