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spiel something off

to recite a list of things very rapidly; to recite something very rapidly. I used to be able to spiel the names of the presidents off. Liz spieled off her gift list to the clerk.
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If ice levels reach eight inches, the Royal Caledonian Club will call the Bon Spiel within 48 hours and mark out 300 rinks on the chosen loch and battle will commence, with only Scots allowed to take part.
So it's not surprising that Spiel berg's sensibility is so strongly evident in the film.
According to the spiel, you'd either scooped pounds 1,000 cash or an unspecified prize worth pounds 5,000.
That was the spiel of a Phoenix diamond dealer in Los Angeles on Friday hoping to peddle a 76.
Dedicated to those nasties that companies try to cover up with jargon or glossy spiel, first in the queue is the pounds 660million Serco Group.
McMahon was giving his usual spiel against the ``NFL suits,'' bemoaning the league's corporate culture.
So ignore the sales spiel - keep your hand firmly in your pocket till September.
But I wasn't buying his ``one man, 10,000 votes'' spiel.
All the aerodynamic sales spiel in the world isn't going to convince us that these were ever a good idea.
Once they did, Samaranch went into a spiel so tedious and meaningless I momentarily swore I was listening to Dennis Miller.
IF you believe the spiel, housebuilding has just got sexy.
Auf dieser Grundlage sind es dann, wie es Walter Benjamin in seinem Surrealismus-Essay beschreibt, die gewohnliche Materie und blosse Natur, die den Menschen formen, entformen und verformen und nicht das harmonische Spiel zwischen Sinnlichkeit und Verstand, das Schiller zum Ausgangspunkt seines asthetischen Erziehungskonzepts bestimmte.
I honor Elvis by eating his favorite sandwichpeanut butter and bananabecause The King is the theme of the Purim Spiel at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, where, a week earlier, I had sat in on an intensive rehearsal.
Like or loath Mr Trump the majority of the US citizens voted him in probably due to the fact they are fed up with the same old spiel from the democrats who have nothing new to offer the public.
Instead, all we got was corporate spiel from the police and the headmaster.