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spiel something off

to recite a list of things very rapidly; to recite something very rapidly. I used to be able to spiel the names of the presidents off. Liz spieled off her gift list to the clerk.
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Tom and Candace Spiel will be donating an additional $200 to the top raising school during this fundraising week.
Explaining the reasons to why he changed his name, Zopittybop-bop-bop went into a spiel on the infinite love in the universe and the ultimate chaos that comes with it.
When I asked him if he understood how bad it is (not to mention against the law) to leave a car idling like that, he just repeated the same customer service spiel.
NOTE to Z-listers: If you're trying to blag it into a party, throwing PS20 notes at the bouncer and slurring a "don't you know who I am" spiel isn't going to help.
Firms need to review their HR spiel and get out and talk.
The BUI-E [TM] which was designed by SPIEL Designs, spearheaded by its founder, Michael Singletary, has ensured that each user will be able to store both cash and cards safely by providing a product which has classy and practical features yet stays true to being a minimal wallet.
It's wonderful to see something new rather than the dozens of interviews where the surface is barely scratched and she gives the usual spiel about Paper Airplane and RL Castleman and things.
The easy-but-unusual recipes include the best version of Hangtown Fry we've seen, and even the nuts-and-bolts sustainability spiel slips down like a nice fresh oyster.
But if you're running through the same sales spiel with everyone, they feel it; they know when they're just a number.
Before the opening music had faded there was Sue, ready for the opening spiel, standing right in front of a statue of Fred Perry.
In the same area, PT Spiel, PT Lamongan Marine Industry, and PT Dok Pantai Lamongan also plan to build shipyards with an investment of Rp 300 billion each.
He devolves into hating his own spiel and becomes more and more desperate and slithery.
Hilde Spiel, the "grande dame of Austrian literature" through the 20th century, completed these memoirs about a year before her death in 1990, yet it took nearly 20 years to complete this English translation by her daughter Christine Shuttleworth.
The largest central volume accommodates the halls for the Kleines Spiel in the north and the GroBes Spiel in the south.
I would also hope he ignores the spiel being churned out by Liverpool city council on this matter.