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big spender

Someone who spends money freely and in great amounts, especially on nonessential things or events. Can also be used sarcastically to refer to someone who is reluctant to spend money, or who offers to spend only a small amount. There are a certain few big spenders who always come through the casino, so we try to make sure they have the best experience possible. You're only willing to pay for my soda? Wow, you're a real big spender.
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big-time spender

n. someone who spends a lot of money. A big-time spender doesn’t look at the prices on the menu.
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The only big problem to beset Spender was the fact the tough-guy cop's trademark black Ford Sierra Cosworth had already once been nicked on location, and was a big target for car thieves at a time when Tyneside was dubbed "the car crime capital of Britain".
play with Silver Spender Odeon Location: Nationwide odeon.
Bronze Spender PIZZAEXPRESS Location: Nationwide pizzaexpress.
Tragically, Spender was killed six years later in a flying accident during the final week of the Second World War, while serving as a squadron leader in the RAF.
A fellow officer in Richard Spender's battalion, Victor Dover, recorded many years after Spender died: "His death left a gap of friendship which was never filled.
In Chicago I am truly seeing double Spenders--the memorized mug shot of young virile Spender and the full-size elderly perpetrator of Tradition at the center of the Poetry Day celebration lacking only trumpets and seven swans a-swaying.
The use of visitor expenditure in tourism marketing to segment the market in order to determine the high spenders is a comprehensive means to apply market segmentation (Diaz-Perez, Bethencourt-Cejas, and Alvarez-Gonzales 2005; Saayman, van der Merwe, and Pienaar 2011; Mok and Iverson 2000; Legoherel and Wong 2006).
The top five airline spenders are Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Egypt Air.
The two parties, Crowe and Spender, met each other at the Wellington St Woollahra house and it's the third time the actor is understood to have inspected Headingley House, reports the Daily Telegraph.
It started with an undercover operation in London going wrong, Freddie Spender is sent back to his native Newcastle to tackle the criminal underworld there.
David Lowe, Australian between Empires: The Life of Percy Spender, Pickering & Chatto, London, 2010.
Spender - who died aged 94 in 2005 - travelled the country photographed the Jarrow marchers - who were refused an audience by Conservative PM Stanley Baldwin.
Spender has suffered from the 'overarching genius of Auden'.
said Friday Executive Vice President Philip Spender will leave his post and return to Ford Motor Co.