spend for

spend something for something

to pay out an amount of money for something. I spent nearly forty dollars for that vase! How much did you spend for this houseif I may ask?
See also: spend
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People are just choosing to spend when it counts, and we think they'll spend for the holidays,'' said Scott Krugman, NRF spokesman.
Wholesale payments processing activity by internal and external spend for Europe and North America (Databook)
He's spent just more than the $25,000 he said he had expected to spend for a seat.
The Intesource tools and services are available to assist companies in the analysis and management of spend for the purpose of future decision making and, ultimately, to drive bottom line improvement.
The Verticalnet project is expected to deliver enterprise-wide spend visibility to NBC's sourcing organization by analyzing the total spend for goods and services across various NBC operations including the NBC Network, NBC Owned and Operated TV Stations, and Telemundo.
These manufacturers invested more than 90 percent of their total promotional spend for these brands on DTC mass media in the 12 months through March.