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Ye wit that he that would break this spell must know that spirit's name?
I am about to pro- nounce the dread name and command the spell to dis- solve.
Lo, I command the fell spirit that possesses the holy fountain to now disgorge into the skies all the infernal fires that still remain in him, and straightway dissolve his spell and flee hence to the pit, there to lie bound a thousand years.
Their brother, however, was greatly rejoiced to see them, and told them all that had happened to him; how he had found the Water of Life, and had taken a cup full of it; and how he had set a beautiful princess free from a spell that bound her; and how she had engaged to wait a whole year, and then to marry him, and to give him the kingdom.
Throughout the Scripps National Spelling Bee, earn points each time one of your spellers spells a word correctly.
The <em>New York Times</em> spells his name "Muammar el-Qaddafi.
In addition the winner will receive 21 complete packaged spells to keep or pass on as gifts.
We wanted to see what readers could come up with and writers of the five spells below have each won a pair of tickets to see the show on Thursday, December 13.
A typical child that spells the word horse as hrs will not spell it that way for the rest of his/her life: rather, the child will develop as a speller to eventually be able to spell it correctly.
He spells by writing out words with his foot, shuffling across the stage as his extended right leg traces curlicues into the floor.
Thereafter, he would experience a similar spell every few months; these spells occurred with a position change and while walking.
Saro Oknaian, the Daily News-sponsored entry in the National Spelling Bee, spells ``catenary'' correctly Wednesday.
Based on the Concise american Heritage Dictionary, the spelling Calc instantly verifies and correctly spells words.
Spell Check: The only thing Grandmama loved more than resting on her bed of nails: cooking up love spells, like Love Potion 666, and, ahem, tasty treats for the family, like the infamous yak stew that turned Gomez into a sleepwalking cat burglar.