spell for

spell something for someone

to spell a word or name for someone's benefit. I don't recognize that word. Would you please spell it for me? It is a difficult name. I will have to spell it for you.
See also: spell
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SPELL 2 from Yvonne McDowall, of Whitebride Court, Newcastle Make Briar Rose's sleeping spell, With crystal drops from a wishing well, Add fairy glitter and a twinkling star, And shimmering moondust from afar, Mermaid scales from the sparkling sea, Flutter of a butterfly, buzz of a bee, Glistening gold and firebird feather, Mix this spell for Merryweather
Despite writing this column for longer than my hair has lasted, I have managed to keep an embarrassing personal problem secret: I can't spell for toffee.
I WOULD like to do a "get thin" spell for my granddad and also a "get younger" spell so he will be nice and young again and nice and slim.