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Step aside Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, a new survey commissioned by King Digital Entertainment plc (NYSE: KING), to mark the launch of its new word game adventure AlphaBetty Saga, has identified an all-new top 10 list of the most difficult American cities to spell and just in time for summer travels.
The MST was not standardised, but the results were of particular interest to this study because it was specifically designed by the researcher to extract information children had about phonemes and morphemes and how children used this knowledge together to spell words (e.
And many people are relying on spell checks - 18% said they use this all the time, while a further 21% said they rely on it most of the time.
There are four age categories - each with their own winner - and the ultimate winner who will have their spell manufactured by Master Spell Weavers at Seek The Magic as part of the company's 21st birthday celebrations.
Before the computer age, students who didn't know how to spell a word checked the dictionary.
It is important for students to develop a range of strategies for spelling, so when approaching new or unfamiliar words they are able to ask themselves the question, 'What strategy will best help me spell or learn this word?
Spell 3 from Ross Andrews, of Barley Mow With this spell there will be tears, And she will sleep for 100 years, But at least she will not die, So use your brain and do not cry, The way to break a spell like this, Is with a handsome prince's kiss, Then she will wake and will be well, Recovered from this evil spell.
When Spell bought the trademarked title and Michaels' workbook in 2003, she poured into it her 20-plus years of teaching children's dance, adding discipline and classroom management guidelines, exercises to foster improvisational movement, and Finis Jhung's CD called "Kids
How to Spell Like a Champ by Barrie Trinkle, Carolyn Andrews, & Paige Kimble Workman Publishing, New York
Mrs Wilson said: "Most people who can't spell properly know it.
Like Mary, many parents think that even very young children should spell every word correct at all times; parents and teachers should supply the children with those correct spellings when necessary.
Thereafter, his spells became much more frequent; he had experienced 10 such episodes during the preceding month.
Hard Spell executive producer Karen Smith said she wanted it to be 'fashionable' to spell well.
Much as calculators did for arithmetic, spell checkers have made good spelling seem like an obsolete virtue.
But since I intended to spell it that way, I didn't misspell it.