speeds of

*speeds of

some amount a variety of speeds (of movement) of a certain level. (*Typically: clock someone at ~; have ~; hit ~; reach ~.) The cops clocked him at speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour.
See also: of, speed
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To avoid creating speed traps, state law allows radar guns to be used only on streets where speed limits are consistent with the driving speeds of 85 percent of motorists, Weaver said.
Because some vehicles can withstand impacts that produce a change in speed of 5 mph or more with little or no visible damage, factors other than vehicle damage alone may be useful in reconstructing the change in speed and impact speeds of a low-speed rear-end impact.
Traditionalists emphasize that Olympic lifts naturally produce relatively faster speeds of movement and increased momentum.
Design speeds of 4000 ft/min (1200 m/min) were typical in the beginning and were 50% higher than traditional presses.
The highway is being paved for the next evolution of Fibre Channel that provides data transfer at speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second (Gbps).
Compare the average speeds of the different designs.
Our customers living in rural communities have endured the slower speeds of dial-up simply because they haven't had choices when it comes to high-speed Internet service providers," said Jim DeFranco, executive vice president at EchoStar.
no movement) enhanced their muscle power significantly more than groups that used both moderate and maximal speeds of movement.
The third technology - magnetic levitation, or maglev - would use electromagnetic force to levitate and propel trains along a guide way at projected speeds of 200 to 310 mph.
With current high-speed Internet download speeds hovering between 1 Mbps and 6 Mbps, introduction of Wideband equipment into existing network architectures will enable cable operators to offer ultra high-speed services with peak speeds of several hundred Mbps.
The first home surfers in the UK to enjoy speeds of up to 10Mb will be ntl's current 3Mb Broadband customers.
Over the coming months, customers can expect an increase in connectivity speeds of up to 40 per cent.
Part of the Agilent 93000 SOC Series, this complete high-speed I/O solution enables functional testing of high-pin-count devices, such as next-generation PC chipsets up to speeds of 3.