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Results of the OTS survey further indicate several specific factors contribute to California drivers' speeding on both freeways and surface streets.
color) The California Highway Patrol has a zero-tolerance policy on speeding, despite many Californians' belief that they won't get busted for only going 5 or 10 mph over the posted speed limit.
To residents of Racine Street, it seems as though motorists just can't resist speeding along their stretch of road.
And the City Council reviewed its policy in December because there were complaints that the humps merely diverted speeding motorists to other cozy residential streets.
Under the state's so-called speed trap law, police cannot use radar guns to enforce speeding laws until the city completes a survey to determine safe operating speeds.
City officials proposed the program after residents complained about drivers speeding through neighborhood streets.
The humps are usually installed in sets, and have been known to alleviate problems caused by drivers using side streets as short cuts, or to brake excessive speeding in residential neighborhoods, according to officials in neighboring cities.
Augusta said drivers, many of whom commute long distances on the freeway, seem to believe that the new speed limit has given them an additional 10 mph cushion from speeding tickets.