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Once the electric motors are started and running at their asynchronous speed (i.
Higher speed raises throughput and improves mixing, but it also raises melt temperatures, so thermally sensitive resins and additives don't do well at high speed.
If the speed of the exercise were the paramount factor in power development, the lighter the resistance, the better would be the exercise.
The speed of 2Gbit Fibre Channel is particularly beneficial to applications where high sequential bandwidth is required such as Internet applications, video editing, and medical imaging.
The land-speed-record rules say the car's speed must be measured over an entire mile (about 1.
Without the speed increases, the police would have been forced to estimate drivers' speeds by keeping pace with cars - a tactic that introduces a public hazard, officers said.
Custom molders say there is a short learning curve to using variable speed drives.
Second, you could improve speed by increasing your stride frequency or by lengthening your stride.
Conversely, the friction ratio can be instantly eliminated by equalizing the speed of the two rotors.
The new speed limits based on the surveys would allow officers to use radar or laser equipment to gauge the speed of drivers and ticket them.
Tohji et al (1991) found that subjects who used a combination of moderate speed and isometric muscle contractions (i.
In addition to speed, blown-film producers want options like reverse winding to allow coextruded films to be wound with a particular material as the inside or outside layer.
Extensive testing showed that the most significant control parameter that could relate the heating or cooling load to screw speed was the reset value.
Therefore, the speeds at which most people drive may be considered a form of vote regarding the reasonable speed on a street.