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be nothing special

To be not particularly wonderful, remarkable, beautiful, great, etc. A: "How's your sandwich?" B: "Eh, it's nothing special." I don't know why everyone is so enamored of this actress; she's nothing special, in my opinion.
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nothing special

Nothing exceptional or particularly wonderful, remarkable, beautiful, great, etc. I don't know why everyone is so enamored of this actress—she's nothing special, in my opinion. A: "What are you doing for your birthday?" B: "Nothing special. We'll probably just stay in."
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special delivery

1. A postal service by which letters or packages are delivered outside of the scheduled mail delivery times for an extra fee. I sent that parcel by special delivery so that you would get it in time for your birthday.
2. A phrase said humorously when giving something to someone, especially if the item is unappealing. A: "Special delivery: here's the report you need to work on!" B: "Gee, thanks."
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special measures

1. A designation given to a public establishment, such as a school or hospital, that is in need of improvement. Often used in the phrase "in special measures." Primarily heard in UK. My son's school is currently in special measures, so he's transferring to a different one next year.
2. Steps that must be taken, however unusual or extreme, to bring about some outcome. Oh, I will take special measures to ensure that the neighbors' dog stops barking, even if I have to buy him a muzzle myself! Don't worry, we took special measures to make sure that nobody finds us in here—we have furniture blocking all the doors.
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special needs

Pertaining to one who has a mental or physical disability. I teach special needs kids, and I love it.
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(special) snowflake

A derisive term for a person (often a young person) who acts or is judged to act entitled to special treatment or opportunities. Generations of students before you have read this book with no gripes about its content, and you will too—you're not special snowflakes.
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Saturday night special

a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special. That's the tenth shooting done with a Saturday night special this week.
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King Kong pills

and King Kong specials
n. barbiturates. (see also gorilla biscuits.) Watch out for those King Kong pills. She’s a bit numb from “King Kong specials.”
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King Kong specials

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Saturday night special

n. a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special.
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Levy and the Emigrant Savings Bank to highlight the information services that, he argues, were at the heart of banks' specialness in the late nineteenth century.
He'll judge the specialness of a partnership with Britain on what he gets out of it.
The value of going back and forth in a spit-filled argument involving the greatness of Kobe Bryant versus the specialness of a Chris Paul is that it should eventually lead to this conclusion: Why doesn't the NBA just call KB24 the Most Outstanding Player, and hand CP(whatever number he wears) the Most Valuable Player trophy considering what he's done for his team?
And what's more, there Is no way even His Specialness could make Aston Villa champions.
I am concerned that if we relaxed the restrictions then the market would lose its specialness.
Also because I'd spent two years in the hotel industry organising people's weddings I had seen a lot of civil ceremonies and compared to the church weddings I'd been to I personally thought the civil ones had an individuality and specialness to them that appealed to me.
Brides today are part of the "Echo Boomer" generation, children of baby boomers who have a sense of entitlement, and this feeling of specialness is what drives emotionally based decisions as they seek out personalized, unique and customized products and experiences.
Dashing and dramatic enough to mesmerise a few rich men, she is a pretentious misfit who preserves an idea of her own specialness by leading an increasingly isolated life.
Everyone wants to protect the specialness that makes them smile.
Fake snow, with its intertwined implications of whiteness, coolness, coziness, purity, artifice, specialness, and cheapness, covered the floor, while neon icicles dangling in a corner both activated the space and hinted it could use a thaw; the neon forms also evoked stalactites (hence, a cave) and teeth (hence, a zone of consumption).
That specialness was on display Tuesday in Oregon, as the torch made its way from Klamath Falls through Eugene, Salem and Portland on its way to a Feb.
How I pitied the mundane secular world of the public school kids; it seemed so flat, devoid of mystery or specialness.
Our goal is not to be mass produced," Lisha Epperson contends "We want our business to grow, but we also want to maintain some of the specialness of our merchandise.
To be sure, much of the appeal of real-world casinos - the jazzed-up lights, the tacky decor, the very specialness of the trip - is sorely lacking at home.
The outstanding cast, whom Jones treasures for, as he says, "their specialness," is completed by Daniel Russell Kubert, Rosalynde LeBlanc, and Alexandra Belier, who is built like the heftiest of burlesque queens and moves like a goddess.
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