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be nothing special

To be not particularly wonderful, remarkable, beautiful, great, etc. A: "How's your sandwich?" B: "Eh, it's nothing special." I don't know why everyone is so enamored of this actress; she's nothing special, in my opinion.
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nothing special

Nothing exceptional or particularly wonderful, remarkable, beautiful, great, etc. I don't know why everyone is so enamored of this actress—she's nothing special, in my opinion. A: "What are you doing for your birthday?" B: "Nothing special. We'll probably just stay in."
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special delivery

1. A postal service by which letters or packages are delivered outside of the scheduled mail delivery times for an extra fee. I sent that parcel by special delivery so that you would get it in time for your birthday.
2. A phrase said humorously when giving something to someone, especially if the item is unappealing. A: "Special delivery: here's the report you need to work on!" B: "Gee, thanks."
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special measures

1. A designation given to a public establishment, such as a school or hospital, that is in need of improvement. Often used in the phrase "in special measures." Primarily heard in UK. My son's school is currently in special measures, so he's transferring to a different one next year.
2. Steps that must be taken, however unusual or extreme, to bring about some outcome. Oh, I will take special measures to ensure that the neighbors' dog stops barking, even if I have to buy him a muzzle myself! Don't worry, we took special measures to make sure that nobody finds us in here—we have furniture blocking all the doors.
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special needs

Pertaining to one who has a mental or physical disability. I teach special needs kids, and I love it.
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(special) snowflake

A derisive term for a person (often a young person) who acts or is judged to act entitled to special treatment or opportunities. Generations of students before you have read this book with no gripes about its content, and you will too—you're not special snowflakes.
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Saturday night special

a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special. That's the tenth shooting done with a Saturday night special this week.
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King Kong pills

and King Kong specials
n. barbiturates. (see also gorilla biscuits.) Watch out for those King Kong pills. She’s a bit numb from “King Kong specials.”
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King Kong specials

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Saturday night special

n. a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special.
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According to the package, the specially authorized courts, which have played a critical role in many major trials, particularly some historic coup trials, will be completely abolished.
SPECIALLY SELECTED WILD LOBSTER TAILS (on sale from December 21) The show-stopping luxury starter that will set the tone for dinner - at a bargain price.
99 (4-6kg) SPECIALLY SELECTED FRESH BRITISH THREE BIRD ROAST New this Christmas, the fresh duck, turkey and wild pheasant with pork and orange stuffing is ideal for those looking for a gourmet experience - or who can't decide what meat to have as the main.
Now, with our exclusive Specially Selected line, we're able to offer the more than 25 million customers who shop our stores each month gourmet foods at ALDI everyday low prices.
The question on seeking details of specially abled people was first included in the census of 2001.
Since LON Works virtually mirrors the traditional electrical systems in place, specially designed educational programs are essential in supporting this safety effort.
Roberts and Beltran took different paths to Mission College, but their stories are similar to Plachy's and hundreds of other students enrolled in the specially funded programs.
For insurers and brokers who must comply with the sanctions, some fairly basic insurance transactions with persons or firms in targeted countries or on the Specially Designated Nationals are be prohibited.
A third kind of glass panel system, specially developed with Siemens for the project, forms an outer protective skin for the Design Centre that was minutely calculated by computer to respond to the seasonal angle of the sun.
Post-it([R]) Super Sticky Notes will donate 50 cents from every specially marked pink ribbon three-pack and $.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish justice minister has said the government is moving to lift specially authorized courts with a new regulation and that finalized investigations under these courts won't be affected.
ABERDEEN ANGUS STEAK MINCE MEXICAN BURGERS Ingredients 1 pack Specially Selected Aberdeen Angus Steak Mince (500g) 400g Hunters tinned chilli con carne 1 pack of KB Bakeries cheese topped rolls 2 baking potatoes, cut into eight wedges per potato 1 pack Solesta sour cream and chive dip (170g) 1 ripe avocado Juice of ' a lemon or lime Dash of Solesta olive oil (store cupboard) Method Brush the potatoes with the oil and cook on the BBQ or under the grill, turning to ensure they cook evenly.
This solution combines specially developed Polytrend 700 System Colors with specially developed volumetric blending and mixing devices to enable the customer to create a specific or unique color on their own with no lead time.
Prices range from $237,000 for an oversized studio to 12 million plus for a specially combined five-bedroom apartment.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Oldsmobile is expanding its 95th Birthday Celebration by offering well-equipped, specially priced Achieva coupes and sedans and Eighty Eight Royale sedans through the end of the 1993 model year that will give customers an outstanding value at savings of over $1,300 on Achieva and nearly $3,000 on Eighty Eight Royale compared to suggested Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices.
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