speaking of

speaking of something

related to the subject being discussed Casey is at a birthday party – speaking of birthdays, Abe's is Friday.
Usage notes: used to introduce a slightly different subject
See also: of, speaking
References in classic literature ?
Don't spoil my pleasure in seeing you again by speaking of what can never be
Does speaking of him again mean speaking of his debts?
To see the man, whose introduction to Emily it had been Miss Jethro's mysterious object to prevent--at the very moment when he had been speaking of Miss Jethro herself--was, not only a temptation of curiosity, but a direct incentive (in Emily's own interests) to make an effort at discovery.
I cannot let you continue in your error; and yet, perhaps, since my manners gave such an impression, I have as much reason to be ashamed of confessing that I never have been at all attached to the person we are speaking of, as it might be natural for a woman to feel in confessing exactly the reverse.
Was it not On yesterday we were speaking of the Earl?
The extraordinary change in his manner, and in his way of expressing himself, while he was speaking of Eustace, alarmed me as nothing had alarmed me yet.
In the meantime," I persisted, "to return to what we were speaking of just now--"
I have, at most, but one tree worth speaking of to offer you--"
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By speaking the black female body as it was rarely spoken, by speaking of her own bodily pain, Wilson manages to address black women's experience of themselves as bodies without risking perpetuating the definition of black women as sexualized body and nothing else.