speak ill of

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speak ill of someone

to say something bad about someone. I refuse to speak ill of any of my friends. Max speaks ill of no one and refuses to repeat gossip.
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speak/think ˈill of somebody

(formal) say or think bad things about somebody: You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.
See also: ill, of, somebody, speak, think
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Yes, I can see and understand your frustration with the judge and his judgement, but please do not speak ill of a religion followed by over 1.
Well, I don't like to speak ill of deceased national treasures but today's proper journalists need defending.
God has also prevented Muslims from speaking ill of the gods and deities worshipped by non-Muslims so that they do not speak ill of the One, True God.
A lot of those men belonged to the old school who "didn't speak ill of the dead".
THEY say never speak ill of the dead, which makes it pretty difficult to write about Maggie Thatcher.
She said: "It's a terrible thing to speak ill of the dead, I know because it happened to my son and all the Hillsborough victims for 23 years.
But, without wishing to speak ill of the dead, Kennedy might easily have ended up as the presidential equivalent of Steve McClaren.
I have great respect for Herman and his character and I would never speak ill of him, on the record or off the record," Anderson said.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry couldn't have put it better when it said: "Nobody has the right to speak ill of China's judicial sovereignty.
If you speak ill of another star, fans will get attracted.
While one is taught not to speak ill of the dead, one must admit that this is not the history such a famous publisher deserves.
Byline: Never speak ill of the dead or somebody who has taken seriously ill, common wisdom says.
One doesn't speak ill of the dead, but does saying that someone was gay qualify, and isn't that being homophobic rather than polite?
I never once heard him speak ill of anyone or blaspheme.
The table signs warning customers not to speak ill of Sinatra are gone, and so is the old jukebox, replaced with the TVs featuring Sinatra performances and movies.