speak for itself

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speak for itself/themselves

To have a clear meaning or explanation. I think my work these past few months speaks for itself and makes me more than qualified for this position.
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speak for itself

 and speak for themselves
[for something] not to need explaining; to have an obvious meaning. The facts speak for themselves. Tom is guilty. Your results speak for themselves. You need to work harder.
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speak for itˈself/themˈselves

be so clear or obvious that no explanation or comment is needed: The expressions on their faces spoke for themselves — they hated the song.
See also: itself, speak, themselves
References in classic literature ?
The only difference is, that the incidents should speak for themselves without verbal exposition; while the effects aimed at in speech should be produced by the speaker, and as a result of the speech.
The Baron's furnaces and retorts, and other things, were all there to speak for themselves, together with some packages of chemicals, having the name and address of the person who had supplied them plainly visible on their labels.
with translation into English) accompany the present statement, and are left to speak for themselves.
If you still doubt whether I was really in love, let the facts speak for themselves.
In place of that eager and garrulous narration with which a white youth would have endeavored to communicate, and perhaps exaggerate, that which had passed out in the darkness of the plain, the young warrior was seemingly content to let his deeds speak for themselves.
Co-authors of the new book Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak For Themselves presented their stories at the National Press Club in Washington D.
The performances speak for themselves and the team, with the results we've got this season, speak for themselves.
The facts do speak for themselves - but they come from the union GMB, whose general secretary Paul Kenny can certainly speak for himself.
As is usual with such compilations, the editors leave it to the contributors to speak for themselves, and the quality of the chapters is uneven.
A few poems in both English and Chinese intersperse the images, but the majority of Three Gorges allows the images of people conducting their daily lives to speak for themselves.
The snapshot images speak for themselves in this captivating compilation highly recommended for bibliophile's coffee tables and photography shelves.
In spite of such beliefs the camps continue to flourish, and the results speak for themselves.
Rather, he places them in their familial and societal context and lets their statements and actions speak for themselves.
All we can do is demonstrate that we can be responsive and the results will speak for themselves.
His distinguished life and contributions to history, and his efforts to help elevate hospitals into a place for the sick to turn to in times of need rather than a death-trap to be shunned and feared speak for themselves.