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spatter on someone or something

[for a liquid or something moist] to splash onto someone or something. When Kelly painted the hallway, a lot of paint spattered on the floor. The hot fat spattered on me.
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spatter someone or something up

to get drops of a liquid or bits of something moist onto someone or something. The painter spattered his partner up when he dropped the paint bucket accidentally. The falling paint bucket spattered up the wall.
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spatter someone or something with something

to splash someone or something with drops of a liquid or bits of something moist. Frank spattered us with grapefruit juice as he was eating a half of grapefruit. He even spattered the wall with juice.
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spatter something around

to scatter bits or drops of a liquid or something moist here and there. Ted spattered paint around everywhere when he redecorated his kitchen. Don't spatter around the paint.
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spatter something on(to) someone or something

to scatter or splash bits or drops of a liquid or something moist onto someone or something. Who spattered barbecue sauce onto the wall? The paint can fell and spattered paint on everyone.
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So: that brings us back to Coup d'Oell and those six powerful figures of self-possessed women standing before us, all marked and symbolically spattered and brushed with the marks of experience, but in no way held in check by them.
And to depict "modern art", designers on the set whitewashed an old painting and then spattered it with blue and gold.
With their scraped and spattered ink, the drawings look at first like pure homage.
A mechanic who owns the suit decided to sell it recently - and discovered it spattered in paint after his daughter wore it while decorating her house.
The first bears nodding, creamy bronze flowers; the second has hanging orange lampshades spattered with black dots.
It's the final layer in mixed-media works built up from spattered and streaked paint that is encrusted, collagelike, with found objects: flattened motor-oil cans, paper dress patterns, comics, sheet music.
The court also heard that his clothes were spattered with 150 microscopic specks of blood, invisible to the naked eye.
Their words reflect their "drunken living": "Dark shadowed living sculptors of human bondage raise themselves from off the crackling emotion spattered floor to make merry time with glass and drink and few words of heavy guilt.
Presenter Teri Hatcher's white gown was spattered with black and gold, and beads, another fashion statement among Hollywood's beauties.
Orphaned at the edge of the sea, Post's camera is spattered with spray and sand, knocked off kilter, even momentarily buoyed by waves, but never washed away, seeming (as a surrogate for the artist) almost to enjoy courting and surviving disaster.
The series opens explosively, with two seemingly unconnected deaths: A suspected drug dealer's brains are spattered against the wall of an alley by an unknown assailant (a witness is shot off his motorbike as well), while the researcher for a rising member of Parliament is ground under a train in London's Tube, an apparent suicide.
I could see blood spattered on the walls,'' Santa Paula police Detective Ismael Cordero testified.