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spatter on someone or something

[for a liquid or something moist] to splash onto someone or something. When Kelly painted the hallway, a lot of paint spattered on the floor. The hot fat spattered on me.
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spatter someone or something up

to get drops of a liquid or bits of something moist onto someone or something. The painter spattered his partner up when he dropped the paint bucket accidentally. The falling paint bucket spattered up the wall.
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spatter someone or something with something

to splash someone or something with drops of a liquid or bits of something moist. Frank spattered us with grapefruit juice as he was eating a half of grapefruit. He even spattered the wall with juice.
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spatter something around

to scatter bits or drops of a liquid or something moist here and there. Ted spattered paint around everywhere when he redecorated his kitchen. Don't spatter around the paint.
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spatter something on(to) someone or something

to scatter or splash bits or drops of a liquid or something moist onto someone or something. Who spattered barbecue sauce onto the wall? The paint can fell and spattered paint on everyone.
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The quality of the weld seam also improves because the shroud remains free of spatter and the gas flow is not interrupted.
Recording blood spatter evidence requires little training.
Instructions/Remarks: Water-Based Anti-Spatter Coating Compound-Cum-Flux For Welding Application As Per Following Technical Details: I Non-Toxic, Non-Polluting, Water-Based,Inorganic Anti Spatter Coating Compound Cum Flux For Welding Application.
She said: "There was extensive blood spatter from the centre of the radiator in the hallway towards the bedroom, at a height which was in keeping with Miss Richardson having been crawling.
If the glove had been lying on the floor when she was assaulted, we would expect to f ind blood spatter.
With that information, and an angle of impact estimated from the shape of the stain, their software projects a realistic trajectory backwards in time to locate the origin of the blood spatter.
Look for a smooth, non-porous surface that is free of sharp edges or flat surfaces, as it better resists spatter accumulation and therefore, lasts longer.
Welding operations that involve painted equipment, such as bulldozers, cranes, fork lifts, or tractors, may want to select a metal-cored wire that produces little spatter and minimizes the formation of silicon islands, or brings the islands to the center of the weld bead, where they are easily removed.
The question we were trying to answer is, given the spatter evidence in a vehicle, and knowing an individual was sitting at a particular location, is there something we could use to determine where the shot originated?
Overloading the roller with paint will result in excess spatter, as will overworking the paint once it is applied to a substrate.
The units clear weld spatter, chips, burrs, and paint.
Using Lincoln's Chopper Technology[TM], the Power MIG 350MP delivers high quality welds with tremendous are control--testing shows enhanced starting, low spatter levels, excellent bead appearance, a wide operating "sweet spot" and improved stainless steel and aluminum performance.
Before long Eddie meets a group of boys who spatter cars with mud then offer the owners a special rate for washing the cars.
Weld spatter is a common problem with conventional welding power sources.
These operating characteristics include even burnoff, excellent restrike capability and arc stability, less spatter and easy slag removal.