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in spate

Of a river, stream, creek, etc., running with a higher volume of water than is normal. Primarily heard in UK. Once the snowfall melts and the river is in spate, there's a real danger of soil erosion creating hazards on the footpaths and bridges around it.
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in full spate

1. Happening or being undertaken at a fast pace or with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm. Primarily heard in UK. If you're not coming home for Christmas, you need to tell Mom because her planning is already in full spate. Campaigns for both sides are now in full spate ahead of the May election.
2. Engaging in or characteristic of a manner of speaking that is fluent, quick, and/or lengthy. Primarily heard in UK. After a couple of drinks during dinner, my uncle was in full spate about his position on immigration.
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in (full) ˈspate

(especially British English)
1 (of a river) containing more water and flowing more strongly than usual: After heavy rain, the river was in spate.
2 (of a person) completely involved in talking and not likely to stop or not able to be interrupted: Celia was in full spate as usual, so I just sat there waiting for her to finish.
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In this study, we examined how macroinvertebrate communities in two habitat types were affected by a spate in the Kokosing River (Knox Co.
To analyze the effects of habitat type and spate condition, we used analyses of variance (ANOVAs) (Minitab 16 (Minitab Inc.
To test for significant differences between habitat types and spate condition, nonparametric multi-response permutation procedures (MRPP) were used.
Percent EPT decreased in riffles after the spate, but increased in pools, as indicated by a significant habitat X spate interaction term (Table 2, Fig.
The NMDS ordination showed that macroinvertebrate community composition was distinctly different between riffles and pools before the spate, but overlapped after the spate (Fig.
Indicator species analysis prior to the spate showed that Baetidae (IndVal = 43.
In riffle habitat of the Kokosing River, this spate reduced the abundance of the dominant macroinvertebrates (i.
No baetid mayflies were recovered in pools after the spate and only a few hydropsychid caddisflies were observed in this habitat throughout the study.
A huge spate can also cause mass fatalities in tiny fish.
In an ordinary spate, most of them manage to hunker down in calmer spots away from the main current or under rocks, well away from danger.
After the massive spate which caused a major flood in the Spey towards the end of the season this year, a friend of mine witnessed a tragic event.
The effects of that spate up and down the river will have telling effects on salmon stocks in the future.