be in full flow

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be in full flow/spate

  (British & Australian)
if an activity is in full flow, it is happening fast and with energy He had this annoying habit of interrupting her when she was in full spate. The royal wedding preparations were now in full flow.
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To test for significant differences between habitat types and spate condition, nonparametric multi-response permutation procedures (MRPP) were used.
PC Williams said Mr Spate didn't want to leave his body for weeks before it was discovered.
It also denounced the spate of heinous attacks targeting individuals and security forces.
Some years ago after a massive spate many anglers and ghillies witnessed tide lines of bright orange roe along the river bank.
Summary: At least 28 people were killed and 56 wounded Wednesday in a spate of attacks by Taliban militants in and around the Afghan capital as the United States president considered a plan to double troops
THE HOUSE of a judge was one of the houses attacked in a spate of burglaries in Ayios Andreas in Nicosia over the last couple of days.
RACING'S top brass are "concerned" at the spate of punch-ups to have hit British racecourses this summer writes David Yates.
Metal detectors should be installed in every school to help stop the deadly spate of youth knife crime, London mayor Ken Livingstone urged yesterday.
After some questioning, the two admitted they were behind a spate of problems at local schools, O'Neill said.
The PCAOB has issued its first Audit Practice Alert, Matters Relating to Timing and Accounting for Options Grants, prompted by the spate of backdating reports and disclosures.
Yosemite Technologies(TM), a global provider of backup solutions that span from single server environments to the enterprise, today announced that David Spate has joined the company as vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) sales.
Just a few years ago it was hard to find a commentary on Proverbs to recommend; now there are a spate of them (by Clifford, Murphy, Perdue, and Van Leeuwen), and Fox's contribution is among the very best.
It is also a significant recommitment to the City of Norwalk, which has recently seen a spate of relocations of notable corporations into the town including Diageo PLC North America, FactSet, GE Commercial Finance, Graham Capital and Tauck Tours in addition to expansions of local firms already in residence such as Gibbs College Norwalk.
After a spate of food poisoning that resulted in 138 deaths and more than 7,000 cases of serious illness during 2002, the Chinese government has approved the creation of the new China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).