spit (out) the dummy

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spit (out) the dummy

To have a childish overreaction or angry outburst to a negative situation or outcome; to act in a bad-tempered manner, likened to a temper tantrum of a child. "Dummy" here refers to a plastic teat used to soothe teething infants (also called a "pacifier" in the U.S. or a "soother" elsewhere), which they may spit when in the middle of a tantrum. Primarily heard in Australia. John spat the dummy when I told him I'd sold his old comic book collection. Don't go spitting out the dummy just because Cheryl got the promotion instead of you.
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spit the dummy


spit out the dummy

If you accuse someone of spitting the dummy or spitting out the dummy, you are accusing them of behaving in a bad-tempered and childish way. He spat the dummy when his wife decided to go back to work. They are taking the money but not talking to us. If they want to spit out the dummy, that's their affair. Note: The image here is of a bad-tempered baby spitting out its dummy.
See also: dummy, spit

spit (out) the dummy

behave in a petulant way. Australian informal
See also: dummy, spit
References in periodicals archive ?
DOM MALONGA 6 Unfortunate not to score but spat the dummy when Keatings took the penalty instead of him.
He spat the dummy out over not getting the fight with Paul, making bad comments.
Swatow Typhoon spat the dummy in some style last time, while Safran De Cotte has shown nothing for a year and Ballypatrick was pulled up the only other time he's tried a marathon trip.
It was supposedly due to England's bitterness at not being awarded the 2018 World Cup -- which went to Russia after allegations of further vote-selling among Fifa cronies -- that they spat the dummy.
I haven't spat the dummy out or thrown toys from the pram because the manager makes his decisions and I respect them.
He'd been working really well until a couple of weeks ago when he spat the dummy out and put his head up, so I told Duran to sit quiet on him and not to hit him, and it's worked out well.
First, The Cajun Controversy, is a short look at how New Orleans spat the dummy over a musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire, which mercilessly ripped the mickey out of the 'vomity, vile' city on the Bayou.
He could have spat the dummy out like a lot of senior pros might have done.
A lot of players in his position might have come back and spat the dummy out and not tried, but Luis looks hungrier than ever.
Manager Di Matteo could easily have spat the dummy out once more after watching Swansea deny Blues all three points with a late leveller, but instead he went out of his way to praise referee Friend.
Betfred head honcho Fred Done (below right) spat the dummy out big time when he labelled the alternative pictures provider an "illegal cartel".
The first time we worked him, he spat the dummy out and didn't want to know.
An airport source said: "The pilot was going to his flight and seems to have spat the dummy about something or other.
After a great first season, he spat the dummy out and has phoned in his performances ever since.
He spat the dummy out when favourite last week at Sedgefield, where he settled a bit too well, but if he runs up to his Kelso form he would have a chance.