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This sparely landscaped, fenced-in oasis was an island in the storm of cross-cutting streets, sidewalks, subway entrances, and bus stops that kept Sheridan Square busy day and night.
Herbert gets this message across sparely and squarely, matching authorial economy of diction to that of the married pair, attending to their telling gestures that instate a communion that is often voiceless.
There is one gratuitous scene in this generally sparely edited picture (just 75 minutes long), when, near the end, we see Tony curled like a fetus on the floor of the empty room that once housed Eiko's extravagant wardrobe.
This beautiful, sparely written novel speaks quietly yet powerfully about the meaning of home and the yearning each of us has to find it.
It serves up a medley of catchy tunes, from cheerful two-steps and tangos to tender ballads, sparely accompanied by a backup of percussion, double bass, and additional instruments as needed (sometimes played by other members of the talented cast).
This half-drunken interior monologue neatly and sparely dispatches the self-serving lie of American political innocence and its many "piddling derelictions.
Those faytours little regarden their charge, While they letting their sheepe runne at large, Passen their time, that should be sparely spent, In lustihede and wanton meryment.
The Queen's Gallery is a trim, sparely designed enclosure within the wide and steep but surprisingly narrow fabric of Buckingham Palace.
It's vaguely optimistic in its bottom line--life is difficult, but love conquers all--but getting to this conclusion is rather heavy going, even in a sparely scored piece.
Sparely written and located where 'nature is dead', the poem is both stylistically and thematically Beckettian, and it thus comes as no surprise that one of the epigraphs stems from The Unnamable: 'Worm will see the light in the desert.
The rural samples, one predominantly black and the other white participants in a sparely populated area, were recruited by co-investigators from Georgia Southern University and Montana State University-Bozeman.
While there are no emotional knockout punches in this 10-song collection, like when she solemnly swears, ``I'd take a bullet for you,'' on ``Concrete's'' ``Love'' (and you feel it), tunes like ``Perfect Me,'' ``Downhill Sunday'' and ``Jump'' display wit and heart, both lyrically and musically, and benefit from Larry Klein's sparely elegant production.
Glass sliders open up from the sparely furnished living room on to a moat of smooth white stones, but the interior of the paterfamilias' apartment to the rear is entirely traditional, with its lining of tatami and shoji.
shots -- Again this is not as strictly the case in the earlier, 1930s films, where these techniques are discernible, if still relatively sparely deployed.
Player's parsley parleys sparely, replays splayer asperly