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I wanted to spare her feelings, just as I would have been anxious to save from any contact with mud the feet of that goatherd of the mountains with a symbolic face.
Bev is horrified to discover her daughter slept with Charlie, but Shelley, trying to spare her feelings, said she just made it up to get at Tracy.
She WILL find out - trust me - from female instinct and mates acting strangely because they know and are trying to spare her feelings.
YOUR COOL-YULE RULE If you and she are sister-tight, pretending to like the gift to spare her feelings will never fly.
Ross and Joey try to escape so they can go to a party with Janine's dancer pals, but they have to endure the worst dessert ever to spare her feelings.
Even to the point of making the suicide look accidental for his mother's sake to spare her feelings.