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spank the monkey

slang Of men, to masturbate. A: "Why is he all embarrassed today?" B: "Oh, his crush walked in on him spanking the monkey. How horrifying is that?"
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n. drunk. Those gals are spanked. Who served them all that booze?
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Now that Spank The Monkey and the follow-on G-Word shows have finished, we are removing the works, as there is no-longer a context for them.
Spank the Monkey, curated by Baltic director Peter Doroshenko and independent curator Pedro Alonzo, includes the work of renowned street artists from around the world including Faile, Invader and Kozyndan.
You may not spank or hit a child under the age of two because they do not understand why this is being done.
The primary area of concern for this review was to identify the major reason(s) why parent spank their child.
They all then contradicted themselves and said that while they felt they did benefit from the spanking, they would never spank their own children.
Evelyn Reilly of the Massachusetts Family Institute said parents, not lawmakers, should decide when to spank.
Last July we revealed how the divorced dad of one told Konni Harvey, 15, he wanted to spank her - as he investigated her dad's murder.
Despite causing controversy when it sprung up at Tyneside stations, the Spank the Monkey artwork is set to stay put.
GOLF ace Paul Casey spanked the Yanks with a hole-in-one yesterday - then got a spank himself from his stunning American girlfriend.
In Sweden, it has been illegal to spank children since 1979.
for violating the Convention, because Britain allows private schools to spank students and because parents are allowed to chastize their own children in their home.
As Russell Baker articulated the two sides in The New York Times, "We are now being governed by the people we used to spank.
More Republican parents spank their children, compared to Democrats and Independents -
The new show, called the G-Word, follows on from the Baltic's controversial Spank the Monkey exhibition, which opened in September last year.