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The significant improvement in productive tillers was observed with wheat crop sown by turbo seeder in standing stubbles of rice crop combine harvested at 45 cm height, while the minimum number of productive tillers was exhibited by wheat crop sown with zone disk tiller in standing stubbles of rice crop combine harvested at 15 cm height over both years (Table 5).
These results are strongly supported by [9] who reported that spinach sown on 20th October revealed significantly the greatest fresh foliage yield.
The crop was sown with single row hand drill in 30 cm apart rows using seed rate @ 125 kg ha-1.
The cubic tendency, having minimum points between 46 and 49 days, indicates a yield drop for corn grain sown near 3/14 and 3/30.
It must be borne in mind that then the distance between seeds in the sowing row is excessive and that the seed has been sown too little deep.
To evaluate the cottonseed quality during development and production, delinted and treated seed of two genotypes (FH-142 and FH-942) with germination percentage [greater than or equal to]65% were collected and sown fortnightly viz.
Maize seeds sown when the soil temperature are 10[degrees]C and lower are often injured by cold water imbibition stress which results in poor and erratic germination and chilling injury leads to poor seedling establishment through production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which cause oxidative damage to various marco-molecules and cellular structures (Apel and Hirt, 2004).
Brassicas can be sown in seedbeds to provide transplants of cabbages, sprouting broccoli, and cauliflower to be planted in late June.
Initially when we had sown cotton, there was no rainfall, the sowing was not good and the crop did not look good either.
Prick out or pot up pelargonium seedlings that have grown from seeds sown last month.
These are all sown at different times of the month in order to maximise the moon's influence.
all direct-sow hardy annuals such as annual poppies are sown.
However it was also at par with the treatment when sown with drill and fertilizer was applied @ 60-60 NP kg ha-1 (11.