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In particular, the main features of the methodology of financial soundness indicators, its compliance with the Basel principles, accounting principles and international experience were discussed in details at the seminar.
1 in eight of Fortune's nine key attributes of reputation: Quality of Management, Social Responsibility, Innovation, Quality of Products/Services, People Management, Use of Corporate Assets, Financial Soundness and Long-Term Investment Value.
The enhanced QC provides detailed information on performance and Financial Soundness of MFBs, in addition to coverage of Banking System, IBs and DFIs.
In a June 10 letter, Noreika objected to the rule, saying that it could affect the safety and soundness of the banking system.
The Conference agenda centred on the global statistical databases established by the IMF and the IFSB, namely, the Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) and the Prudential and Structural Islamic Financial Indicators (PSIFIs) respectively, to strengthen financial sector surveillance and address data gaps identified as a result of the global financial crisis.
Nippon Steel has obtained authorization from local police and the prefectural government to resume operations at the plant, except for a coke oven and its related facilities where the fire started, on condition it ensured safety and soundness of the facilities.
Summary: SHARJAH - Bank of Sharjah on Monday said its net profit for the first quarter of 2013 registered a 17 per cent increase to Dh70 million driven by the strength of its balance sheet and the soundness of its assets quality.
All sires should be rated for soundness, non-thoroughbred blood should be encouraged to introduce some 'bone' into the equation, and only horses bred from sires with AAA soundness ratings should be allowed in the Grand National.
This policy brief provides principal evaluation system designers information about the technical soundness and cost (i.
3461, namely the bill's efforts to enhance consistency of interpretation of the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines and other relevant guidelines, including the Policy Statement on Prudent Commercial Real Estate Loan Workouts, AI is concerned the bill imprudently restricts the work of bank examiners in protecting the safety and soundness of loan portfolios.
The authorities will also examine the financial soundness and capital adequacy ratios of 85 savings banks, and announce appropriate measures based on the assessments by the end of September.
Bank management plays key role in safety, soundness
Abu Dhabi In collaboration with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) in Abu Dhabi began a three-week course yesterday on financial soundness indicators, the first of its kind in the region.
ABA members can use the ABA Safety & Soundness Communications Kit to structure a message to the media about your bank's soundness.
The current housing GSE regulatory structure is fragmented and not well equipped to oversee their financial soundness or housing mission achievement.