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FORTUNE works with top industry executives and analysts to rate companies based on nine categories that range from financial soundness to social responsibility.
A company spokesman said, We plan to restart two other coke ovens as early as tonight after ensuring safety and soundness of the facilities and gradually restart other units .
The study focused on macroeconomic conditions and how they may affect soundness of UAE banking sector.
The simple fact that Herb Yolles (I really think he is a good guy) would sleep better is not a safety and soundness issue.
The bill would prohibit the reappraisal of performing loans even if there are safety or soundness issues, such as a significant change in market conditions.
This group plays a critical role in promoting safety and soundness by establishing parameters regarding activities and behaviors that are either encouraged or discouraged, she said.
The course primarily promotes the methodology for compiling those financial soundness indicators, but the economists hope that it will also push the limits for the access of financial data in the region.
ABA members can use the ABA Safety & Soundness Communications Kit to structure a message to the media about your bank's soundness.
The current housing GSE regulatory structure is fragmented and not well equipped to oversee their financial soundness or housing mission achievement.
Citing citing concern over multiple debt problems on the part of consumers and the overall soundness of the consumer finance market, the companies had already been voluntarily working to reduce the number of commercials shown during the prime viewing hours of 5-9 PM and to present a unified, "enlightened" message with regard to responsible borrowing.
Instead, the regulator would have the authority to address safety and soundness concerns unique to each enterprise;
The agencies believe that the QIS4 results are critical inputs in the assessment of (1) the implications of Basel II for the safety and soundness of the banking system and (2) the competitive effects of adopting the Basel II Framework.
The guidance focuses on how the institutions should address safety and soundness considerations, manage legal risks and apply best practices in administering such programs and offering them to consumers.
Often, they are bound in creative actuarial soundness with volumes of data-mined support and with a view to what competitors are charging.
This suggests that copper alloys, such as beryllium-copper, could be potential mold materials because their high thermal conductivity could lead to a higher solidification rate and improved casting soundness.