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Sire," replied Mazarin, in the same tone, "remember this proverb, which I give you as the expression of the soundest policy: `Rejoice at being poor when your neighbor is poor likewise.
He had been responsible, he and the great firm of which he was the head, for international finance conducted on the soundest principles, finance which scorned speculation, finance which rolled before it the great snowball of automatically accumulated wealth.
He had managed for me, in my absence, with the soundest judgement; and my worldly affairs were prospering.
He traveled lightly; but his yew bow must needs have a new string, and his cloth-yard arrows must be of the straightest and soundest.
The roof was the soundest part, though a good deal warped and made brittle by the sun.
I'm sorry for it, brother,' he added, in a tone of resignation, addressing himself to Hugh; 'but you've brought it on yourself; you forced me to do it; you wouldn't respect the soundest constitootional principles, you know; you went and wiolated the wery framework of society.
If you ask me, or if you ask yourself--which is more likely--what emboldens me, I answer, I have been strongly assured, that you are a man of rectitude and plain dealing, with the soundest of sound hearts, and that you are blessed in a wife distinguished by the same qualities.
Like other humanist educators of his time, says Nodes, Papeus blended classical and biblical cultures as the soundest means of imparting humane culture, intellectual acumen, and Christian ethics to students.
Although S Africa's economic growth has stalled over the past few years, it remains the second biggest in terms of GDP in Africa and has reputedly the soundest banking and finance sector in emerging markets worldwide.
Instead she shared a picture of her own father and her little boy captioned: "Happy Father's Day to the soundest dad.
Lloyds was probably the soundest of the Big Four until Gordon Brown virtually forced it to take over the failed Halifax Bank of Scotland and its staff and shareholders have suffered greatly since.
Granted, when it's time to let the lead fly, Sajnog is there to offer the soundest advice with both rifle and pistol drills that will make you a more competent shot.
The DBM has vowed to cooperate in the inquiry, adding that it was hoping that the Ombudsman would exercise soundest judgment in the investigation as the department looked forward to a swift and fair conclusion.