soul sister

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(soul) sister

n. a black person’s female, black friend. (see also sister.) One of the soul sisters dropped by to talk.
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But this evening we're heading to the New Theatre to watch Soul Sister.
Soul Sister, New Theatre, Cardiff WHEN Soul Sister opened in London's West End last year the normally hard-to-please theatre critics were unanimous on one thing - gushing praise for Emi Wokoma.
Soul Sister @ New Theatre, Cardiff (tomorrow-Saturday) | THIS much-hyped new musical tells the extraordinary and turbulent story of musical legends Ike and Tina Turner, live on stage for the first time.
Soul Sister Belgrade Theatre, Coventry The talented but tumultuous union between Tina and Ike Turner supplies enough drama and hits to sustain a thrilling piece of musical theatre.
ONLY WOK AND ROLL: Emi Wokoma as Tina Turner in the musical Soul Sister
Former Casualty actress Emi Wokoma is every inch the global star when she steps out on stage in Soul Sister - although she insists she looks nothing like Tina Turner in real life.
Other British hit singles were Soothe Me and Soul Sister Brown Sugar.
An offbeat and endearingly parochial loser comedy, this Nipponese manga adaptation is a soul sister to Nobuhiro Yamashita's deadpan slacker films, though helmer Daigo Matsui elicits much more affection for his clueless protag, floundering in date-or-die-a-virgin hell.
Sounding a lot like their hit Hey, Soul Sister, apparently it's about falling in love after a one-night stand.
This soul sister was the Dubai Jazz Festival's 'Debut Jazz Artist of the year' in 2009.
What sets Maiysha apart from the numerous up-and-coming divas is her broad vocal range, which like soul sister Mary J.
Like its soul sister, Measure R, which gave Los Angeles City Council members four more years in office, Proposition 93 is a naked attempt by current legislators to keep their six-figure jobs and trick the public into believing it's reform.
And the sweetest thing for me, she's been a personal friend and soul sister.
A soul sister who revels in the racy, Nelson describes exploits like having sex with a mortician on his embalming table ("I would have burst out laughing, but he had such a pathetic look on his face that I know if I did he'd get mad and might not be able to get it up") and the joys of male bimbos ("Whenever he did or said something stupid, I'd think about what a pure ego feed it always was to look up into his handsome face when he fucked me").