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Seen from competition in Chinese market, since 2014, foreign companies encountered shrinkage in market share and a slow growth in performance, while domestic major counterparts saw rapid expansion in market share, largely due to obvious advantages of homegrown brands in banknote adaptability, service and price with gradual maturity of small and medium-sized banknote sorter technology.
Not only does it offer high quality throughput now, but with the help of the Miler team, the new sorter gives us the flexibility to adapt rapidly to our customers' changing requirements and continue to expand the business going forward.
These technologies are complemented by Hytrol's sortation offerings, the ProSort 400 Elite series high speed shoe sorter, as well as the ProSort MRT series narrow belt sorter.
Pearson showed that the sorter can help wheat breeders by differentiating kernels of hard red wheat from kernels of hard white winter wheat with 98.
The sorter was accurate 94 percent of the time in detecting yellow flax seeds from brown ones in Pearson's tests.
Optyx sorters also feature an intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen user interface.
BORDEAUX, France: A topsy-turvy growing season, which zigzagged from drought to hail to heat wave, produced a distressingly mixed crop in Bordeaux this year -- but gave optical grape sorters a chance to shine.
In the past, we had to push our sorter to the limit to achieve our quality objectives.
Tilt Tray Sorters are highly specialised equipment intended for high-throughput baggage applications that handle over 3,000 bags per hour.
Colgate also purchased a TiTech optical sorter to clean up the mixed paper produced by its single-stream sorting system and a Bollegraaf HBC 180 baler to complement its existing HBC 140 baler.
To get your bills organized, Hampton offers a 31-day mail sorter, $40 at the Organized Living Store.
anthracis spores continued to occur, we performed air sampling around the contaminated sorter.
Known today as the S-3000CB, the sorter is made for handling items weighing 13 lbs.
The term inspector sometimes is used in place of sorter since the parts actually are being inspected (i.
The UWH-1000 configuration consists of a 4-pocket currency sorter, table that the sorter resides on, on-board operational software with error recovery instructions, a touch screen for easy operation and a single strapping unit.