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Originally, Barron, and Springut planned to create a sortable online directory for lawyers, kind of like a Martindale.
On the Coxeter-theoretic side, we require two sets of objects: reduced words for the longest element and sortable elements.
Available online are sortable ranking tables for all topics and access to rankings for all 441 congressional districts, instead of just the top and bottom 50 for each data point in the book.
The PCAOB website also provides several sortable databases of registered firms, non-U.
Fences not only ensures that each section of the desktop remains separate, but also makes each individual fenced region scrollable and sortable by its own rules.
One suggestion with possible merit concerns creation of a by-name civilian reserve--a pool of employees sortable by skills and expertise.
The device index features a sortable checklist that lets you know if the Wi-Fi and trackpad functions are working, as well as general comments and warnings specific to each device.
Jennings found the lists are not sortable or searchable; anyone wanting details about the contract must follow a link to FedBizOpps.
The system also features automatic notification on results, utilizing user-created criteria, modified PDF report naming for autoreporting and sortable custom report listings.
StandbyAdBoss provides an integrated, sortable list of all possible standby ads to fill available space.
Each name is indexed and sortable by more than 50 different criteria from hometown to casualty type to military unit.
Searchable, sortable data from multiple years: You'll find the current data (covering 2005 activity)--but a simple click will give you results from 2004 and 2003 as well.
The CardScan Executive quickly scans business cards, zapping the information into its own sortable software program, Outlook, or any other popular contact manager; $249.
The letters also can be accessed directly through a comprehensive, sortable list or read in chronological order.