sore point

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sore point

A topic that makes one angry or uncomfortable. Whatever you do, don't mention his ex-wife—his divorce is really a sore point with him.
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sore point, a

A sensitive or annoying issue, as in Don't mention diets to Elsie; it's a sore point with her. This idiom was first recorded as a sore place in 1690.
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a sore point


a sore spot

COMMON You can say that a subject is a sore point with someone or a sore spot for them if it makes them feel angry, embarrassed, or upset. The continuing presence of foreign troops remains a very sore point with these students. Slow job growth is a sore spot for the US President. Note: If you touch or hit someone's sore point or sore spot, you mention a subject which makes them feel angry, embarrassed, or upset. The mention of Jim Kennerly had touched her sore spot. It was clear by his expression that my question had hit a sore point.
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a ˌsore ˈpoint (with somebody)

a subject or matter that makes somebody feel angry or hurt: The tax increases are a sore point with Jake, as he’s going to lose a lot of money.
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References in classic literature ?
I fear I have touched this sore point inadvertently, and she cannot get over it.
It is a sore point with me, this being told what I am to do or not do by you self-constituted lords of creation.
Philip saw that the rivalry was a sore point with the old man.
Tulliver manifested an unusual discretion, because she had recently had evidence that the going to school to a clergyman was a sore point with Tom, who looked at it as very much on a par with going to school to a constable.
The affair of the chaplaincy remained a sore point in his memory as a case in which this petty medium of Middlemarch had been too strong for him.
The Secretary saw there was a strong feeling here on some sore point, and he would have made a diversion from it, but for Bradley's holding to it in his cumbersome way.
Kh Salman directed that gaps and sore points pointed out by the Punjab Information Technology Board and Special Branch should be removed.
They also pointed out few sore points at operational level.
Other sore points were wet towels left on the bathroom floor and toothpaste in the sink.
I THOUGHT Mr D Wise was paid to organise the buying and selling of players at Newcastle United - one of the sore points with Kevin Keegan.
The discussion sought input on possible solutions, or "best practices," to address potential sore points.
Companies with apparent problems may wish to focus on the sore points.
I NEVER thought the Canadians had any sore points until Prime Minister Jean Chretien blew a gasket over the award to George Bain.
Punjab Information Technology Board and the officers from Special Branch pointed out the sore points in the dengue surveillance activities related to the various departments/ agencies.