sopping wet

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sopping (wet)

and soppy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also wet.) After about six beers, Ralph found himself a little soppy.
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Newsprint should be shot when sopping wet, soon after the water is poured from the bucket, which helps it simulate actual tissue.
Like last fall, North Dakota "was sopping wet in October 1999.
Early June is going to be really sopping wet," he said.
Half her clothes were hanging on the clothes horse, sopping wet and the other half had been eaten by a four-foot mutant moth.
Wyatt sees Lucy sopping wet average-sized mildly good looking and deems her the perfect candidate for his social makeover.
Pushing open our back door, we thumped into the warm kitchen, draped our sopping wet clothing over wood drying racks and warmed ourselves in front of the oil-burning stove.
At the nationally televised Lakers game Sunday, referees delayed the game for about 12 minutes after puddles formed on the basketball court from sopping wet work clothes left by roofers on a catwalk above Staples Center.
My bathroom floor gets sopping wet every time my kids take a shower (all right, it sometimes happens when I shower too).
We then had to watch the team clutch a draw from the jaws of victory while getting sopping wet because the roof does not cover the first ten rows of seating.
In no time at all, the shirt I wore under it was sopping wet and clinging to my skin.
As a long-distance runner, he went for a 45-minute run and came back sopping wet, dripping through the lobby.
ARS studies have shown that sopping wet winterfat seeds from Wyoming, Colorado, and Saskatchewan, Canada, can survive temperatures at least as low as -22 [degrees] F.
And sashaying up with sopping wet hair, river water and fish squelching in her shoes to bum a smoke from a poet.