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not a minute too soon

At the last possible moment before it is too late; just in the nick of time. The police arrived not a minute too soon, and the would-be burglar was apprehended before anything could be stolen. A: "The surgeon has just arrived." B: "And not a minute too soon! This patient needs an operation immediately!
See also: minute, not, soon

not a moment too soon

At the last possible moment before it is too late; just in the nick of time. The police arrived not a moment too soon, and the would-be burglar was apprehended before anything could be stolen. A: "The surgeon has just arrived." B: "And not a moment too soon! This patient needs an operation immediately!
See also: moment, not, soon

a little pot is soon hot

A small person (in stature and/or of mind) is quickly made angry. A play on the idea that a little pot boils quickly because it cannot hold much water. Watch out when you deal with that little guy, Denny—he snaps at everyone and definitely lives up to the idea that a little pot is too soon hot!
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(Are you) leaving so soon?

 and You leaving so soon?
a polite inquiry made to a guest who has announced a departure. (Appropriate only for the first few guests to leave. It would seem sarcastic to say this to the last guest to leave or one who is leaving very late at night.) Sue: We really must go. Sally: Leaving so soon? Sue: Fred has to catch a plane at five in the morning. John (seeing Tom at the door): You leaving so soon? Tom: Yes, thanks for inviting me. I really have to go. John: Well, good night, then.
See also: leave

as soon as

at the moment that; at the time that; when. I fell asleep as soon as I lay down. John ate dinner as soon as he came home.
See also: soon

Early ripe, early rotten,

 and Soon ripe, soon rotten.
Prov. A child with extraordinary talent or intelligence will probably lose those qualities by the time he or she grows up. Jill: Philip was such a fine young boy; I'm surprised he's become such a good-for-nothing adult. Jane: Early ripe, early rotten. Jane: You must be very proud of your little boy. He seems so mature for his age. Ellen: I'm afraid it won't last. You know what they say: "Soon ripe, soon rotten."
See also: early, rotten

fool and his money are soon parted

Prov. Foolish people spend money, without thinking. (Perceived as a rebuke if you say it about the person you are addressing.) Go ahead and buy a diamond collar for your dog if you really want to. A fool and his money are soon parted. Bill sends a check to every organization that asks him for money. A fool and his money are soon parted.
See also: and, fool, money, parted, soon

God takes soonest those he loveth best.

Prov. Good people often die young. The minister told the boy's grieving parents that God takes soonest those he loveth best. It may seem to us that Nancy was too young to die, but God takes soonest those he loveth best.
See also: god, he, soon, take, those

had (just) as soon do something

 and would (just) as soon do something
prefer to do something else; to be content to do something. (The would or had is usually expressed as the contraction 'd.) They want me to go into town. I'd as soon stay home. If you're cooking stew tonight, we'd as soon eat somewhere else. I would just as soon stay home as pay to go to see a bad movie.
See also: soon

I spoke too soon.

1. Fig. I am wrong.; I spoke before I knew the facts. Bill: I know I said I would, but I spoke too soon. Sue: I thought so. John: You said that everything would be all right. Jane: I spoke too soon. That was before I learned that you had been arrested.
2. Fig. What I had said was just now contradicted. Bob: It's beginning to brighten up. I guess it won't rain after all. John: I'm glad to hear that. Bob: Whoops! I spoke too soon. I just felt a raindrop on my cheek. Bill: Thank heavens! Here's John now. Bob: No, that's Fred. Bill: I spoke too soon. He sure looked like John.
See also: soon, spoke

I'd (just) as soon (as) do something

I would prefer to do something. Tom: Why don't you give Joe a call? Jane: I'd as soon as you did it. I'd just as soon we didn't stay here long.
See also: soon

(I'll) see you (real) soon.

Good-bye. I will meet you again soon. Bill: Bye, Sue. See you. Sue: see you real soon, Bill. John: Bye, you two. Sally: See you soon. Jane: See you, John.
See also: see, soon

(I'll) talk to you soon.

I will talk to you on the telephone again soon. Sally: Bye now. Talk to you soon. John: Bye now. Bill: Nice talking to you. Bye. Mary: Talk to you soon. Bye.
See also: soon, talk

no sooner said than done

an expression indicating that something has been done quickly and obediently. Jill: Can I help you out? Jane: Yes! Put these files in alphabetical order. Jill: No sooner said than done. The service at the hotel was really remarkable. Everything we asked for was no sooner said than done.
See also: done, said, sooner

so soon

early; before the regular time; ahead of schedule. I got there early because my bus arrived so soon. Because the meeting ended so soon, I had some extra time.
See also: soon

*soon as possible

at the earliest time. (*Also: as ~.) I'm leaving now. I'll be there as soon as possible. Please pay me soon as possible.
See also: possible, soon

would as soon do something as look at you

Rur. would be eager to do something harmful as simply look at you. He was a mean so-and-so who would as soon shoot you as look at you. He'd as soon pick a fight as look at you.
See also: look, soon

Yesterday wouldn't be too soon.

Immediately.; Right away. (An answer to the question "When do you want this?") Mary: Mr. Franklin, when do you want this? Fred: Well, yesterday wouldn't be too soon. Alice: When am I supposed to have this finished? Sue: Yesterday wouldn't be too soon.
See also: soon, yesterday

would just as soon

to prefer to I'd just as soon work at home and not have the hassle of the subway every morning.
See also: just, soon

as soon as possible

in the least amount of time there can be We need an ambulance as soon as possible! Someone has been hurt!
Related vocabulary: as soon as
See also: possible, soon

as soon as

when We'll come as soon as we can.
Related vocabulary: as soon as possible
See also: soon

as soon as something

immediately after something As soon as the kids fall asleep, the phone rings.
See also: soon

speak too soon

to say something that is quickly proven to be not true A few days ago I said my job is pretty stress-free, but I spoke too soon – the stress level at work has gone way up this week.
See also: soon, speak

A fool and his money are soon parted.

something that you say which means that stupid people spend money without thinking about it enough Gianni relishes his extravagant lifestyle - but then a fool and his money are soon parted.
See also: and, fool, money, parted, soon

Least said, soonest mended.

  (British & Australian old-fashioned)
something that you say which means a bad event or situation can be forgotten more easily if you do not talk about it I've always thought it best not to dwell on grievances too long. Least said, soonest mended.
See also: least, soon

No sooner said than done.

something that you say when something is done as soon as someone asks for it or suggests it 'Would you mind closing the window for a while?' 'No sooner said than done.'
See also: done, said, sooner

as soon as

1. When, just after, as in Please call me as soon as dinner is ready, or As soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops dramatically. [Late 1200s]
2. At the earliest moment that, as in Telephone me as soon as you can. It often takes the form as soon as possible, meaning at the earliest possible moment, as in He'll finish the work as soon as possible. This expression employs possible in the sense of "if it can or could be," a usage dating from the late 1600s.
See also: soon

fool and his money are soon parted, a

A silly or stupid person readily wastes money. For example, Albert is known for giving waiters enormous tips-a fool and his money are soon parted. This proverbial expression has been cited again and again since the mid-1500s.
See also: and, fool, money, soon

just as soon

Also, as soon. Rather, more readily; also, equally. For example, I'd just as soon you took care of it, or I would as soon recover before I go and baby-sit, or I'd as soon have the lamb as the beef. [Late 1500s]
See also: just, soon

no sooner said than done

Accomplished immediately, as in He said we should leave and, no sooner said than done. This expression employs no sooner ... than in the sense of "at once," a usage dating from the mid-1500s.
See also: done, said, sooner

speak too soon

Assume something prematurely, as in I guess I spoke too soon about moving to Boston; I didn't get the job after all.
See also: soon, speak
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5 bln to 5 bln euros, Christofides said "the soonest possible, respecting always the procedure and the dialogue with the other side".
Richard Hannon jnr, who saddled Presto Vento to win this race last year en route to victory in the Super Sales Sprint, again has his eye on the valuable Newbury race with Soonest.
He said the draft was ready and would be sent to Greece within the next few days, and assured that he would make sure a reply was sent by the Greek Ministry the soonest possible, so that Geroulanos would visit Cyprus and sign the memorandum.
But as neither apparently sexually assaulted you and you did go with them expecting sex, I think least said, soonest mended.
The PM acts as if least said, soonest mended is the Government's new line which at least, hopefully, means we'll see little of Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon in the campaign.
MICHAEL BELL notched his second juvenile success of the year when Nevisian Lad and Kieren Fallon gave odds-on backers heart palpitations before pipping Soonest.
City officials have said the soonest they can process the airport's application is by September.
The company has explored there with favorable results, and is preparing to reapply for an exploration license in that belt soonest.
NNA - MP Ibrahim Kanaan told Voice of Lebanon radio on Tuesday that the stance of his bloc is clear against extending the mandate of parliament and pro holding legislative elections the soonest possible.
The soonest payment of the compensation of caused financial damage to our citizens is important for Kyrgyzstan, Foreign Minister Abdyldayev told his Tajik colleague Sirozhiddin Aslov during the talks on July 17 in Bishkek.
The European Commission has called upon the US government to abolish the soonest possible visa requirements for Cypriot nationals.
Toward the end of finding common ground - and at Congressman Delahunt's suggestion, I joined with him and two Republicans - Asa Hutchinson and Lindsey Graham - to request that the Chairman and the ranking member ask the independent counsel to forward, at the soonest possible time, any new information he believes relevant to these proceedings.
The MP accused the subordinates of Bashar Assad's regime of carrying out this terrorist act and demanded that former Lebanese politician Michel Samaha stand trial the soonest possible for his ties to the terrorist attack.
We believe that current task is to take all efforts to search for peaceful ways to settle disagreements and soonest stabilisation of current situation," the statement runs.
The public who hold and wish to exchange such coins are advised to do so the soonest possible.