soon as possible

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*soon as possible

at the earliest time. (*Also: as ~.) I'm leaving now. I'll be there as soon as possible. Please pay me soon as possible.
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References in classic literature ?
You can't do better than get her to Freshitt as soon as possible, Chettam.
It would grieve me indeed to be obliged to think ill of you; but if I am to do it, if I am to learn that you are not what we have hitherto believed you, that your regard for us all was insincere, that your behaviour to me was intended only to deceive, let it be told as soon as possible.
I do myself the honour of calling as soon as possible after my arrival, to express the hope that I have not inconvenienced you by my perseverance in soliciting the occupation of Thrushcross Grange: I heard yesterday you had had some thoughts - '
The result of our conversation was that she was to proceed to Yellowsands on the morrow, and that I was to follow as soon as possible, so as to be available should she chance to need any advice, and at all events to give myself the pleasure of meeting her again.
The delays, however, which he had experienced on his journey, obliged him to shorten his sojourn, and to set off as soon as possible, so as to reach the rendezvous at the Portneuf at the appointed time.
They all had but one wish: to advance as soon as possible against the enemy under the Emperor's command.
Never to go to the cells of the prisoners, and, if ever you should happen to go, to leave them as soon as possible.
Do just as you like, only let it be as soon as possible," he said, and went to the bailiff.
So Adam got on his horse again and rode to the town, putting up at the old inn and taking a hasty dinner there in the company of the too chatty landlord, from whose friendly questions and reminiscences he was glad to escape as soon as possible and set out towards Sloman's End.
I beg your pardon, sir," he said, "but the manager would be much obliged if you would spare him a moment or two in his private room as soon as possible.
I entreated his imperial majesty to give orders it might be brought to me as soon as possible, describing to him the use and the nature of it: and the next day the waggoners arrived with it, but not in a very good condition; they had bored two holes in the brim, within an inch and half of the edge, and fastened two hooks in the holes; these hooks were tied by a long cord to the harness, and thus my hat was dragged along for above half an English mile; but, the ground in that country being extremely smooth and level, it received less damage than I expected.
The tailor, who had been uneasy at my long absence, was, delighted to see me; but I kept silence about my adventure, and as soon as possible retired to my room to lament in secret over my folly.
In order that the whole subject of these papers may as soon as possible be laid before the public, it is proposed to publish them four times a week -- on Tuesday in the New York Packet and on Thursday in the Daily Advertiser.
I shall not trust to that," said the lieutenant, "and I shall make for the Dunes* as soon as possible.
He replied in a tranquil tone, that probably the best thing we could do in our present strait was to get out of it as soon as possible.