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TRACEY REID: "Get well soon Gwion x" BEN PARKER: "Get well soon.
The Second Continental Congress assumed control of America's armed resistance to British tyranny and the die was cast--Edmund Randolph stood with those resisting despotism and the imperial English forces that would soon reach the shores of America.
Soon the Chicano campesino realizes that this Farm worker from Vietnam never ever called him a wetback or a greaser.
Myth #2: A few, big companies will soon dominate the market
I had previously completed a few evening courses at Brock University, but I soon found that dealing with primary-aged children all day, working on course material all evening, and trying to fulfil family responsibilities was frustrating.
Aussie team boss Larry Thompson does not want Soon in the side.
It is not science fiction, and in the very near future it soon might be ubiquitous in communication equipment everywhere.
is a meditation on last things, among them the century, the millennium, the Novelist Emeritus's career and, soon enough, his life, postmodernism (whose "smoke-and-mirror tricks" Barth's latest mocks, honors, and extends), and the "noble genre of the Novel" itself, which will not die, Barth maintains, so much as it will diminish, along with all print literature, into a coterie pleasure ("like poetry, archery, opera-going, equestrian dressage").
In December 2001, the company hired Bill Ballenden as international manager, and he will soon be opening offices in London, England.
Greeted at first with fear and trepidation, the insurrectionists are soon embraced by a growing tide of citizens, ultimately provoking the wrath of the mayor and his cronies.
On its web site (see illustration), Pinnacle lists the availability of its nine free e-newsletters and indicates that five new ones are "coming soon.
They were the folks' best buddies, but Ruby soon suspects the Glasses aren't all they're cut out to be.
Reach out and touch someone," a popular advertising jingle of the not-too-distant past, could soon be the new Deployment Support Command Information Management mantra.
Plant out spring cabbage as soon as possible and earth up late celery and leeks.