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drop by (sometime)

To come over and briefly visit or converse with someone at a future period in time. If you still have questions on the material, why don't you drop by my office sometime, and we'll go over everything step by step. Be sure to drop by the next time you're in the area.
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drop around (sometime)

An invitation to visit one at some non-specific time in the future. Hey, drop around sometime and we can catch up. Please drop around the next time you're in town—I'd love to see you.
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drop in sometime

An invitation to visit one at some non-specific time in the future. Now that we're neighbors, I hope you'll drop in sometime.
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a sometime thing

An activity that one participates or engages in infrequently, sporadically, or in a limited capacity. With two kids at home, my career in finance has had to take priority, with writing only being a sometime thing. Ever since the power plant shut down, work in this part of the country has become kind of a sometime thing.
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Drop in sometime.

Visit my home or office sometime when you are nearby. Bob: Bye, Bill, nice seeing you. Bill: Hey, drop in sometime. Bob: Okay. "Drop in sometime," said Bob to his uncle.
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We('ll) have to do lunch sometime,

 and Let's do lunch (sometime).
We must have lunch together sometime. (A vague statement that may lead to lunch plans.) Rachel: Nice to talk to you, Tom. We have to do lunch sometime. Tom: Yes, good to see you. I'll give you a ring. Tom: Can't talk to you now. Catch you later. Mary: We'll have to do lunch sometime. John: Good to see you, Tom. Tom: Right. Let's do lunch sometime. John: Good idea. I'll call you. Mary: Catch you later. Sue: Sure. Let's do lunch. Mary: Okay. Call me. Bye.
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Let’s do lunch (sometime)

and Let’s do the lunch thing
sent. Let us have lunch together sometime. Great seeing you, Martin, absolutely great. Let’s do lunch. Let’s do the lunch thing some time. Right, baby?
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Muscat: Underrated Ajay Srivatsan played the best tennis one has seen from his for sometime to earn a place in the semifinals of the boys' under-17 singles at the Falcon Insurance Company-sponsored Annual Tennis Tournament organised by the Indian Social Club Muscat.
Here is a different accident, but also involving a bus sometime in the 1920s.
Also, a 33-year-old man reported that thieves had made off with his e1/42,000 PGO model GMAX125 motorcycle with registration plates KQN151 sometime between 12.
In a separate incident, police are investigating a burglary at an address in The Springs, Birtley, which happened sometime between 12.
The incident, police said, likely occurred sometime between 1:30 a.
Cecil said: "We are hoping to start Noble Mission off over a mile sometime in the next ten days and he has already been entered at Yarmouth on Tuesday and Nottingham the following day.
The theft took place sometime during the week between rehearsals and the amount of instruments stolen would have required a vehicle to take them away.
Kim's trip will likely take place sometime after April 18 when Hu finishes his overseas trips,'' the source added.
Although the Dodgers were under the impression there was a contractual deadline of this past Monday for the developer to provide a "guaranteed maximum price," Frisoni said that deadline was actually for sometime during the week of Dec.
Supporting them will be Sometime, who released their debut record in October following a spectacularly swift rise to fame.
It was the first-ever linkup between a deep-ocean submersible and a spacecraft, but it won't be the last for Shank and Williams, as they hope to give a joint public talk about their adventures sometime this fall in Woods Hole.
Deer try to scrape off this itchy layer by rubbing their antlers against trees and shrubs--or even volleyball net poles The tangled net will fall off along with the deer's antlers sometime in February
A spokesman for the parliamentary speaker said the resolution would likely draw a vote sometime this year.
Sometime this year Microsoft is scheduled to introduce its next operating system, Vista.
Q: I have a derringer that my father bought sometime back in the 1960s.