some shut-eye

*some shut-eye

some sleep. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; use ~; need ~.) I need to get home and get some shut-eye before I do anything else. We all could use some shut-eye.
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James Isaacs hoped to get some shut-eye on the Dundee Stars bus overnight after his whirlwind arrival to UK ice hockey.
KENDRICK Lamar made sure he got some shut-eye before his big gig with Eminem at Bellahouston Park last night.
Clearly exhausted, she tries to catch some shut-eye on her dad's lap while the Men in Black actor looks out of the plane.
Some shut-eye was all I required Eyelids do not close, they were uninspired.
Assuming you're not still buzzing from the night-time session in the Aussie Open, there are no excuses for not getting some shut-eye before our Muzza bids to make the final against Marin Cilic.
e has since posted the clip, showing Pitt tucking into his in-flight meal of chicken, enjoying a beer and catching some shut-eye, on brightcove.
For looks to kill, follow advice from beautician Sarah McConnell, of Yarm Road's Re:nu Beauty Get some shut-eye The eyes don't lie - everyone knows when you've had a late night
Even if the ex-teacher does manage some shut-eye between now and the finals, Friday night's performance is certain to haunt his dreams.
The interlocking bunks will be fitted throughout economy class - meaning fliers can get some shut-eye instead of red-eye.
She claims that a darkened and noiseless room can help even the most energized dancer catch some shut-eye.
Following him will be another premiere -Insomnobabble - the story of one man's attempts to get some shut-eye, from Liverpool actors Matt Rutter and Tim Lynskey.
Yet, scientists know little about what the brain's doing as people struggle to get some shut-eye.
But in a moment of inspiration, the Valley Village resident devised a clever way to find solace in the hum - and to get some shut-eye at last.
Pictures: JAMES BALFOUR; TIME OUT: Even the most enthusiastic bikers need some shut-eye, while (below) enthusiasts mill around their machines and (left) former stunt rider Eddie Kidd.
But almost a fifth opted for sex to help guarantee a proper kip while a third found a drink was all they needed for some shut-eye.
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