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take solace (in something)

to console oneself with some fact. I am inordinately impoverished, but I take solace in the fact that I have a splendiferous vocabulary.
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To drive innovation, TCS will leverage Solace next-generation messaging middleware as part of a private cloud at TCS' Cincinnati Business Solutions Lab.
TCS and Solace Systems are bringing to customers around the world the benefits of TCS' deep domain knowledge and implementation expertise together with Solace's next generation messaging middleware," said TCS' Raman Venkatraman, Global Head, Alliance and Technology Unit.
Minister Burton can take no solace in this poll but she should use it to fight for the hard-pressed voters who voted for the party.
After a careful study of available technologies, we found that Solace most closely matched our targets and aspirations in the eBusiness space.
An independent production, Solace is due to be released later this year.
Solace was unsurprisingly a far shorter price on her next appearance at Goodwood in September, but this time was slightly disappointing as she actually lost ground on two of those she met at Newmarket.
On paper, despite the fact that nobody really understood what the title meant, Quantum of Solace looked good.
Casino Royale took in $599 million in worldwide ticket sales and Quantum of Solace generated $577 million.
Local charity Solace has provided an out-of-hours, emergency helpline for people in mid and south Warwickshire for the last 18 years.
Six months ago I was invited to take an advisory management role in Solace Spa.
When the opening scene of Solace & Grief first occurred to me, I was at work, idly speculating about where to submit the finished manuscript I most certainly had planned, and which I was in the process of simultaneously shopping around and editing--what I now think of as the Great Unpublished Epic.
Invacare Continuing Care's patented Solace Resolution Gliding mattress eliminates pressure caused by sliding on sensitive areas of a resident's body by allowing the top and bottom sections of the mattress to move independently of each other.
According to Variety, after a performance of A Steady Rain, a fan asked Craig about the follow up to Quantum of Solace and the actor responded saying that the next 007 flick will begin shooting next year.
We've teamed up with boutique day spa Solace Spa in Birmingham to offer you a Revive Facial absolutely free
The Birmingham Mail and Birmingham's premier boutique day spa SOLACE SPA have teamed up to bring every reader the chance to experience the SOLACE SPA "REVIVE FACIAL" This tailor-made minitreatment for men and women lasts 30 minutes and will brighten and tighten the skin, reigniting your outer glow.