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He followed the trail of the other man who dragged himself along, and soon came to the end of it - a few fresh-picked bones where the soggy moss was marked by the foot-pads of many wolves.
Next up are The Soggy Bottom Boys, a north Wales band, which originated in 2002, and who sing, play banjos The Soggy Bottom Boys and guitars and love to get the audience to join in too.
It was a little bit hard because I was wearing Jimmy Choo kay stilettoes and standing on Mahlia Lone's front lawn - she and Isbah Hassan threw a tabahi party na - and the lawn was a little bit on the soggy side and my heel was digging in, but still I managed to balance only on my right foot.
Despite enjoying fine wine and subsidised meals in the House of Commons and Lords, their moans included portion sizes and soggy battered fish.
But unpredictable conditions are nothing new for Geordies, and slightly soggy summers have been a feature of North East life for decades.
Such is the case of the pizza container that prevents pizzas from getting soggy.
Soggy bottoms: Berry is perhaps best known for her kind-yet-critical judgements on the bakers' attempts.
It's hard to imagine Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood saying something like: "Will Sadie's soggy bottom dry out in time before the judging takes place?
MEMBERS of local Rainbows, Brownies and Guide groups joined other volunteers to solve a soggy path problem in Shepley.
But leave it in milk too long and it turns into a soggy mess.
And recognise a poorly fired pastry, or talk about soggy bottoms without sniggering.
The Lowdown's Diana Madison hit the soggy red carpet for the 87th Academy Awards.
But the soggy star, in wetweather gear, was denied entry by security because the Curzon in Chelsea, West London, was hosting a private premiere.
Although the effect can be very romantic - especially on warm, sunny summer evenings - if it gets wet at some stage (and it usually does) you can end up with soggy skirts.
Melbourne, October 9 ( ANI ): We all have experienced airline food, which are basically a string of stale, soggy sandwiches and some sweaty meat and veg.