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software as a service

A software distribution model in which a client pays via subscription for a third party to store and maintain applications that can be accessed by the client over the Internet (i.e. on the cloud). Sometimes hyphenated. Software as a service makes it easy for businesses to maintain a current software suite.
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software rot

n. an imaginary disease that causes computer programs to go bad over a long period of time. (Computers.) What you have here is not a bug, but just plain old software rot.
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2 Electronic upload of software from vendor's equipment to customer's computers.
Addition of tangible software documentation or publications in connection with the sale of prewritten software transferred electronically.
One of the ways that SLAs can help improve software quality is that they focus the attention of the acquisition professional on the nonfunctional requirements (e.
Even if foot-dragging firms can avoid the financial penalties, they will ultimately end up paying in other ways if they don't properly manage their software licenses.
Software AG's flagship product, Tamino, has recently won several awards in Asia.
Large digital images may be stored in separate database files and compressed with special software to reduce the space needed for image storage.
SOP 98-1 says an entity should expense costs it incurs during the preliminary project stage of software development as incurred.
Models for assessing and improving software development processes formed during the past decade typically address issues such as whether an organization has appropriate software project-management procedures in place and that the right metrics are being collected and used for managing software production.
In general, though, the software can be grouped by price, platform and performance.
Taking my career to the next level requires an understanding of software business issues that transcend engineering," explained Jaroslaw Wilkiewicz, a senior software engineer at BEA Systems planning to enter the Carnegie Mellon West program in the fall.
If software development constitutes research and development (R&D) under Sec.
A brief description of each software package follows.
This book aims to bridge the gap between good intentions to create mutually profitable software alliances and the execution of agreements that actually help realize those intentions.
The IRS has taken position that self-developed software costs are currently deductible; under Rev.
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