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The combination of properties makes the BICO fibers ideal for hygiene topsheets where softness for direct skin contact is required.
The distressed look, she explained, modernizes the look while keeping the softness.
More than 39 million households rely on Angel Soft to provide them with a bath tissue that offers both softness and strength at a great value, and we are pleased to now offer them those same benefits in a facial tissue," said Patrick Davis, vice president of new category development at Georgia-Pacific.
With Supima, the softness is integral to the fibre - it never goes away.
Gasol's apparent softness works to his benefit and the Lakers' benefit.
Roy Armale, Senior Brand Manager at Johnson's Adult said, "At Johnson's, our perception is that the ultimate in softness is skin as soft as a baby.
We test Question: Warburtons test their bread for softness, toastability and what else?
Softness significantly improved at the 2- and 4-week periods.
The level of rupture or softness can be controlled.
Softness and bulk are especially important for toilet and facial tissue and handkerchiefs, while absorbency and wet strength are vital for kitchen rolls, towels and serviettes.
The first SeA launch since Double Velvet in 2004, the toilet paper has a special dimpled middle layer that the company claims provides the ultimate in softness, strength and absorbency.
The properties investigated included tension, acceleration, sharpness, softness, crispness, convexity (the opposite of "bump" or "crown"), concavity (a type of hollowness, also the opposite to convexity), and lead in.
According to Casey Lisse of the Deep Impact team, copper was chosen because its density put a lot of mass into a small package, its relative softness reduced bounce at impact, and its large atomic number and density contrast with those of elements that were expected to spew from the comet at impact (see p.
He said the mill in China is using new equipment and a special finishing method to create that softness.
However, if you're having a space do double-duty, make sure the area's lighting has a dimmer so you can control the amount and softness of the light.