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After Salisbury's suggested Kerrygold Butter With Olive Oil as an alternative, the shopper replied: "I want 100% Softer Butter only.
The softening in demand has also meant a softer price in his market region.
A drilled and/or grooved cover will "act" softer than a plain cover.
It makes the shoes softer, but gives them more strength.
Kerrygold is hoping to create a new segment within the yellow fats market by positioning Kerrygold Softer Butter away from spreadable blends of butter and vegetable oil.
Even though the majority of single toggle crushers are well-built, due to the motion of the machine, they should be reserved for use with softer and non-abrasive materials.
AES developed this softer grade to meet the demand for soft elastomers that offer favorable aesthetics, reliable performance and are easy to color.
Additional features include advanced microfiber technology, reinforced seams, the elimination of 'Channel Cluster', an exclusive valve system, and Baden's patented Cushion Control Technology (CCT), which consists of thousands of tiny air cells that form a cushioned carcass, providing a softer feel and giving the ball a truer bounce and longer life.
A beer market research report from Goldman Sachs sees softer on-premise demand, increased competition in the premium light segment, and soft pricing in C-stores for 2004.
Anthropologists have dated possible sewing needles to about 40,000 years ago, and Olga Softer of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign has argued that figurines and pottery from about 27,000 years ago show evidence of woven clothing (SN: 10/21/00, p.
Goetchius points out that while softer may be better so far as isolating mechanical vibrations, which give rise to structure-borne noise, when it comes to working in, say, a real engine box, softer isn't particularly good because of durability issues (which could lead to the whole engine bouncing around).
The end result is softer and smoother skin with a fresh and radiant appearance.
Softcare's Inclination Recliner has an attractive, contemporary style with a softer seating area and more padding on top of the arm and leg areas.
Softer rock tumbles away and windows open - sometimes a precise row of them.