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odds and sods

An assortment of small, miscellaneous items, especially those that are not especially important or valuable. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I can never find my what I need amongst all the odds and sods in this drawer! I wish the house weren't so cluttered up with odds and sods.
See also: and, odds, sod

the old sod

The country of one's birth or lineage; one's native soil. Primarily heard in UK. Some day, when I've earned enough, I'll be able to move my family back to the old sod.
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sod all

Nothing whatsoever; very little or nothing of consequence. Primarily heard in UK. I'm trying to get going on this research project, but I've done sod all so far! A: "What did you talk about with your old classmates at the reunion?" B: "Sod all, really. They're quite a boring bunch, after all these years."
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Sod's law

The axiom that if something can go wrong, it will. (Known as "Murphy's Law" in North America.) Primarily heard in UK. The manager always tries to anticipate Sod's law, having us prepare for anything that could possibly go wrong on a project.
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blow/sodtaboo ˈthis/ˈthat for a game of soldiers

(British English, slang) used by somebody who does not want to do something because it is annoying or involves too much effort: After waiting for twenty minutes more, he thought ‘sod this for a game of soldiers’, and left.
See also: blow, game, of, sod, soldier, that, this

blow/sodtaboo ˈthat for a lark

(British English, slang) used by somebody who does not want to do something because it involves too much effort: Sod that for a lark! I’m not doing any more tonight.
A lark is a thing that you do for fun or as a joke.
See also: blow, lark, sod, that

ˌSod’s ˈLaw

(British English, humorous) the tendency for things to happen in just the way that you do not want, and in a way that is not useful: The band always plays better when they’re not being recorded — but that’s Sod’s Law, isn’t it?
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sod off

v. Chiefly British Vulgar Slang
To go away. Used chiefly as a command.
See also: off, sod
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